21st Century Champions League final MVP ranking: Messi Zizzu leads, who is the key player to decide the game

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The UEFA Champions League represents the highest honor and level of European club football, and is recognized as the world’s highest quality, most influential and Club competition at the highest level. As one of the most grand games in football, the Champions League naturally has no shortage of top players to participate. Great athletes should be omnipotent, and winning the championship is the best proof.

So far in the 21st century, a total of 21 players have won the Champions League final MVP honor. It can be said that each final has a different degree of outstanding performance. According to the MVP's contribution to the game results (data on goals, assists, penalty saves, etc.), we ranked these 21 people. Coincidentally, all these best players do not coincide, so who is the MVP of the MVP?

21. Coman (Paris 0:1 Bayern, 2020)

In 2014, PSG's new star Coman chose to join after being abandoned by the team Juventus. After two years in Italy, he was sold to Bayern by an old woman.

Koeman helped Bayern defeat Juventus in his first season in Bavaria. In the 2020 Champions League final, the French winger secured the championship for Bayern with a header from a back post, and was in revenge. The old club also helped the Bundesliga giants win the second triple crown.

20. Inzaghi (Milan 2-1 Liverpool, 2007)

There is a Chinese proverb: It is not too late for a gentleman to avenge him in ten years. But AC Milan is obviously unwilling to wait for ten years. Losing to Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final is the eternal pain of the Rossoneri's heart, so they urgently need to prove themselves in the European arena.

Two years later, they finally found a chance for revenge, and the tool of revenge is Inzaghi. The Italian scored twice in the 2007 Champions League final to help Milan win the seventh Champions League trophy in history.

19. Eto'o (Barça 2-1 Arsenal, 2006)

In addition to dominating the domestic league, a dynasty team is naturally indispensable in the Champions League. The 2006 Champions League final was a test for the Barcelona Dream II dynasty. Arsenal scored the first goal in the game, and the Red and Blues were still 1 goal behind 15 minutes before the end of the game. Although the Gunners were less than one player, the situation was still not optimistic.

Fortunately, Eto'o stood up at the critical moment. After receiving Larson's pass, he inserted a small-angle shot to equalize the score. After that, Belletti scored another goal for Barcelona to complete the overtake. If Eto'o hadn't scored a key goal at a critical moment, perhaps Barcelona could only watch Wenger's team get their first Big Ear Cup.

18. Van Dijk (Liverpool 2:0 Tottenham, 2019)

Last year's Champions League final was not impressive, because both sides were a little nervous, so they did not bring fans an offensive feast. But defensively, Liverpool's performance is even better, especially Liverpool defender Van Dijk.

The Dutch proved their worth by intercepting Tottenham’s offense. Whether it's high-altitude ball or ground defense, or running and organizing offense, the Red Army No. 4 shows us what is the world's number one central defender.

17. Martini (Milan 0-0 Juventus (3-2 penalty kick), 2003)

If most of the finals are impressive, then the 2003 UEFA Champions League matchup is Known for being boring. Both teams are super defensive teams, and in terms of defense no one is better than Milan captain Maldini.

Although Piero and Trezeguet were in good shape in that game, the young defender was like an insurmountable wall. In the end, the two sides met with a goalless draw in regular time. In the penalty shootout, Milan Win the championship.

16. Deco (Porto 3-0 Monaco, 2004)

2004 was an upset year in football. In addition to the mythology of the Greek European Cup, Porto's Champions League summit is also an incredible story.

In that final, the opponents were two dark horse teams. In the end, Porto, led by Mourinho, defeated Monaco, led by Deschamps. Deco was the absolute core of Porto at the time, he scored the second goal in the game.

15. Van der Sar (Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (6-5 penalty), 2008)

This is the first time that the English Civil War has appeared in the Champions League, and Manchester United won a penalty kick. In 120 minutes, although Van der Sar’s defense missed a goal, it was because Essien’s long shot hit Drogba and Ferdinand’s backs and was shot by Lampard after reaching the center of the penalty area. Not exactly at the goalkeeper.

However, in the penalty shootout, the Dutch goalkeeper made up for his previous mistakes, first Terry hit the post, and then saved Anelka's shot to help Manchester United finally win the cup.

14. Ramos (Real Madrid 1-1 Atletico Madrid (5-3 penalty) , 2016)

At this time, two full years have passed since Ramos saved Real Madrid in the Champions League final. In 2016, they met again with Atletico, this time Ramos once again Shot. He scored a key goal in Milan's game (albeit obviously offside), and then he contributed a wonderful defense in the following games.

Ramos’s performance on the defensive end is quite top, and even the foul in stoppage time is quite timely, and he also steadily hit in the penalty shootout, thus lifting himself to wear Real Madrid's first Champions League champion after the captain's armband.

13. Iniesta (Barca 3-1 Juventus, 2015)

Barcelona played well in this game and beat Juventus without fighting back. Naturally, Iniesta's contribution is indispensable. Xiaobai was not the only player who performed well that night (Messi and Pique played well), but it was his excellent movement, control and passing that allowed Rakitic to play for the team within 3 minutes of the game. Opened the door to the goal.

This also makes Iniesta the first person in history to have assists in the three Champions League finals. It can be said that the first goal set the tone of the game, and finally Barcelona easily won the championship. .

12. McManaman (Real Madrid 3:0 Valencia, 2000)

The 523 formation used by Real Madrid at the time had very high demands on the two midfielders Redondo and McManaman. Fortunately, they are all excellent players who can complete their tasks.

In the first Spanish Civil War in the history of the Champions League final, it was these two midfielders who helped the team defeat the Bats with their outstanding performance. In the end, McManaman defeated the thunder with a wonderful goal. Dongdo won the best player in the final.

11. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid 4-1 Juventus, 2017)


This year, Real Madrid strives to become the first team to complete the defense after the Champions League reform. This is something no one has been able to do in the past 30 years, and what they have to face is one Serie A dominance team known for defensively.

After the game started, Cristiano Ronaldo knocked on the door of Juventus in only 20 minutes, and his footsteps did not stop there. One hour later, President Luo used another goal to establish the victory for Real Madrid, and turned the victory into a carnage, and he became the first in history.All three UEFA Champions League finals have scored players.

10. Diego Milito (Inter 2:0 Bayern, 2010)

Even Draper was surprised by Milito's performance in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final. This big shooter is the only offensive firepower for Mourinho's team, and he is fascinated by this role. In the end, relying on Milito's two goals, Inter Milan successfully raised the Big Ears Cup and became the first Italian football team to complete the Triple Crown.

9. Bell (Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool, 2018)

The Welsh superstar's career in Real Madrid can be described as twists and turns. He has made great contributions to the victory of the Galaxy Battleship, but due to his own reasons and the troubles of injuries, he has not been fully recognized by Real Madrid fans. But what needs to be explained is that Bell is definitely the kind of big scene player, especially good at playing the finals, and his performance is indispensable in the Champions League stage.

At that time, Real Madrid and Liverpool drew 1-1. At the crucial moment, Zidane dispatched Bale. 122 seconds after the substitute debut, he scored a shocking barb goal, and then used another Long shot to seal the victory and help Real Madrid complete three consecutive championships.

8. Di Maria (Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico, 2014)


Speaking of this year's Champions League final, the most impressive number may be the 9248 number. Ramos finished with a header in stoppage time. Since then, Bale’s goal, Ronaldo’s undressing celebration, and Diego Costa’s tears all made headlines the next day, but to be honest, Di Maria was the best player in that game.

He keeps pushing Real Madrid forward and does his best to break the opponent's defense. He did it. It is a pity that the effort does not necessarily pay off. Real Madrid sold him in order to make room for Ronaldo.

7. Robben (Bayern 2-1 Dortmund, 2013)

Prior to this, Bayern led by Robben had fallen to the Champions League final twice, and in 2010 they also missed the single-handed goal to kill Spain. Fans thought Peter Pan was no longer able to fly. So when Bayern reached the Champions League final again, Peter Pan desperately needed to prove himself.

In the final stage of the game in the 1V1 battle, Robben defeated Weidenfeller and scored a goal that proved himself, and finally helped Bayern win the first three consecutive championships in history.

6. Drogba (Chelsea 1-1 Bayern (4-3 penalty), 2012)

To be honest, Drogba did not perform well from the whole game, but he was able to become the final MVP with 2 key touches.

It can be said that Warcraft is the hero who rescued the Blues. He used a header to equalize the score during stoppage time. In the penalty shootout, he scored a key goal and eventually became Chelsea's biggest contributor to the championship. The big man buried Bayern and brought Chelsea the greatest night of their lives.

5. Kahn (Bayern 1-1 Valencia (5-4 penalty) , 2001)

Kahn is a very crazy person. His fierce behavior is probably to scare the opponent forwards and make them more prone to making mistakes at the critical moment of shooting. In the Champions League final against Valencia, his high resistance helped the team score the final penalty shootout.

The final 12-yard cross-shot performance of the German goalkeeper was perfect. He saved 3 penalty kicks, including a difficult free throw from Caboni. In the end Bayern won a penalty kick and Kahn also won the title of Player of the Game.

4. Gerrard (Liverpool 3-3 Milan (3-2 penalty), 2005)

This is a UEFA Champions League final that is destined to be sung. In the first half, AC Milan took the lead with 3 goals. The performance of the Red Army soul Gerrard can only be described as rubbish. . However, after halftime, Liverpool seemed to have changed teams. Gerrard’s header blew the Reds’ counter-attack horn. Three minutes laterSmicer tied the score to 2-3. Three minutes later, Gerrard broke into the penalty area and was tripped by Gattuso. Alonso took the penalty and was blocked by Dida, but he then followed up with a supplementary shot. Scoring the ball in, Liverpool magically equalized the score.

In the end, they beat Milan on a penalty kick to win the Champions League miraculously. The performance of the Jie team in the second half is worthy of the team's soul.

3. Harvey (Barcelona 2:0 Manchester United, 2009)

The greatness of a great player is that you know he is great, but there is no way to hinder his offense.

Harvey in the 2009 final is such a great player, as long as he touches the ball, He has already planned the final goal of the ball, which even includes Messi's header. In the end, Xavi helped Barcelona raise the Big Ears Cup for the third time as the absolute controller on the field.

2. Zidane (Real Madrid 2-1 Leverkusen, 2002)

If Drogba is the best player by touching the ball with two feet, then Zidane is enough.

In the 2001 UEFA Champions League final, the current Real Madrid coach’s foot flying from the sky has been talked about so far. The ball fell from the sky. It was a gift from God, and he used it. His left foot fulfilled his long-cherished dream of his career, and that moment became eternal. This is Chaoju's god-level performance in the top scenes, and future generations cannot replicate it.

1. Messi (Barça 3-1 Manchester United, 2011)

Messi was at his peak that year, and that A year of Barcelona is also invincible in the world. There was no suspense in the 2011 Champions League final. When Guardiola's team faced Manchester United again, they played more handily.

In the face of the two best central defenders of that era, Messi completed 10 times , And scored a decisive goal at the same time. As a pseudo-nine, Messi played the most comprehensive and spectacular finals, conquering Wembley fans with his personal performance.


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