The top ten classic matchups after the restructuring of the Champions League, the first classic match has no objection

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During the National Day holiday, the UEFA Champions League will start the second round of fierce battle. Let the editor lead you to review the ten most classic finals after the restructuring of the Champions League. There will be no objections to the two classic duels ranked first and second.

10. Dortmund VS Bayern Munich (2012-13 season)

The 2012-13 season of the Champions League final in Dortmund And Bayern Munich. This is the first time in history that a German club will play in the Champions League final.

For Bayern, the significance of this game is self-evident. If they hold the Big Ear Cup, they will complete the triple crown. Although he missed the final due to injury, this is still the last game of Gotze's representative for the Hornets before joining Bayern.

In the end, Bayern defeated Dortmund 2-1 in front of 86,000 fans. This was a close match, Robben killed the suspense in the 89th minute.

The reason why this game is classic is that it shows two completely different game styles. But both German teams have legends of precision and excellent cohesion in offense. It proves that German football is on an upward path and will have a bright future. In the following years, both Bayern and Dortmund were the formidable giants in Europe.

9. Barcelona VS Arsenal (2005-2006 season)

The 2005-06 UEFA Champions League final is Arsenal For the first time in history, he broke into the Champions League final, and it was the only time so far. Their opponent is the cosmic team that is considered unbeatable. On the road to the Champions League final, both teams have shown enough dominance to meet at the top of Europe with an undefeated record.

Both teams pay attention to tradition, but the philosophy of the game is completely inconsistent. Arsenal have a formidable defensive ability, and Barcelona's passing and control have delivered countless firepower for their attacking end.

This is also the last game that the Swedish star played for Barcelona before returning to his homeland. At the same time, it is also the farewell battle of a generation of famous player Pires at Arsenal. That summer, he moved to Villarreal. The fate of the two is worlds apart. Larsson returned to his hometown as a Champions League champion, and Pires could only swallow the result of failure. Barcelona defeated Arsenal 2-1, Campbell took the lead for Arsenal, but Larsson came off the bench and assisted Eto'o and Belletti, and Barcelona staged a reversal.

8. Dortmund VS Juventus (1996-1997 season)

The 1996-1997 season Champions Cup final at Juventus Between Tuss and Dortmund. This is also the first time in Dortmund's history that it has entered the Champions League final. However, Juventus is the biggest favorite to win the championship, they also hope to become the first team to achieve the defending championship since the Champions League reform.

There are many Juventus hires in Dortmund. Cesar, Kohler, Paul Sosa (now the head coach of Tianjin Quanjian), Andy Muller once Represented Juventus in the 1992-93 UEFA Cup victory over Dortmund 6-1.

In this final, Dortmund surprised the world. They defeated Lippi's Serie A giants 3-1. This game is even considered to be the most classic battle of the weak over the strong in the Champions League final, and the superstars such as Zidane and Piero were saddened.

7. Barcelona VS Manchester United (2010-2011 season)

In that era, both Manchester United and Barcelona were teams that had achieved great success in the Champions League. This is also the second time they have met at the top of Europe in three seasons.

In the Champions League final of the 2008-09 season, Barcelona defeated Manchester United 2-0 and achieved the triple crown. This is also the third time Manchester United have reached the Champions League final in four years.

Before this final, the two teams won their respective league championships. Peak dialogue in the true sense. It's just that this time is a remake of the story of the last confrontation between the two sides. The Universe defeated Manchester United 3-1 and once again won the highest honor of the European club. Pedro and Rooney scored goals, but Messi and Villa scored two goals in the second half.

Sixth, Manchester United VS Chelsea (2007-08 season)

The 2007-08 UEFA Champions League final is a Premier League civil war. This is also the first time Chelsea have reached the Champions League final in history. The game was held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

In the heavy rain in Luzhniki, Manchester United beat Chelsea on a penalty kick and returned to the top of Europe. In the 26th minute, Ronaldo, who was still playing for Manchester United, opened the scoring, but Lampard’s goal saved the fate of the Blues. Fate finally became the roulette 12 yards ago. The penalty kick was very dramatic. First, Ronaldo missed the penalty, and Terry returned to the same starting line after "returning the gift." In the seventh round of the penalty shootout, Van der Sar succeeded in saving Anelka's penalty, and his fate was written.

Fifth, Bayern VS Chelsea

This game is held at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Bayern hopes to win at home Champions League awards. Following the 2008-09 season in the final of Manchester United in the Cup, Chelsea once again came to the stage of the Champions League final.

For most of the game, the situation is in the hands of Bayern, but they have been unable to knock on Chelsea's door for a long time. In the 83rd minute, the opportunity finally came, Thomas Muller broke the deadlock, this ball can completely kill the game. But only 5 minutes later, God descended on Drogba.

In the 93rd minute, Bayern won a penalty. Robben could have reignited the enthusiasm of the home fans. His penalty was saved by Cech, who was on his 30th birthday that day. The game again came to a penalty shootout, when Mata, who played for Chelsea, missed the penalty first, but in the fourth round Olic's penalty was rejected by Cech again.

After Schweinsteiger's penalty was blocked by the goal post, Drogba went to the penalty spot. Destiny once again favored the "Warcraft", Drogba made it overnight, and Chelsea finally picked up the Big Ear Cup.

Fourth, Marseille VS AC Milan (1992-1993 season)

This is also the first final after the restructuring of the Champions League, AC Milan and Marseille compete for this historic trophy. This is also the first time in the history of Marseille that it has entered the Champions League final.

At that time, there were many talents in Milan. Baresi and Costacurta guarded the defense. The great Italian left-back Mardini was full of spirits, Rijkaard and Fan Basten constructed the attack line. Marseilles also have famous players to help. This year's World Cup champion coach Deschamps, Desailly, Bartez and others are all in the line.

In the 43rd minute, French defender Polly scored a goal from a small penalty area and scored the only goal of the game. Marseille won the first Champions League trophy, the first Champions League trophy in the history of the French team, and the only one so far.

3. Leverkusen VS Real Madrid (2001-02 season)

Speaking of this game, everyone I would immediately think of Zidane's flying fairy from the sky. Throughout the game, Leverkusen was the team that played the best. They got more opportunities, but they couldn't turn their advantage into a victory. Raul took the lead for Real Madrid, Lucio's header pulled both sides back to the same starting line, but Zidane's flying fairy changed everything.

This goal by Zidane is also considered to be the most amazing goal in the history of the Champions League. Only Bell's peerless barb in the Champions League final this season can be compared with it.

At that time, Barack, who played for Leverkusen, became the runner-up harvester. twoIn the Korea-Japan World Cup a month later, he once again fell into the sand with the German team in the final.

Second, Manchester United VS Bayern Munich (1998-1999 season)

This game does not need to be repeated. The fans have long been precious. The game was held at the Nou Camp Stadium, which was a magical reversal that went down in history.

In the 6th minute, Basler used a free kick to help Bayern take the lead. When they were within walking distance of the Champions League trophy, Manchester United's two substitutes, Sheringham and Solskjaer, rewrote history. The two scored two goals in three minutes of stoppage time, and a miracle was born.

1. Liverpool VS AC Milan (2004-05 season)

Don’t guess, the most classic Champions League final must be this One game. When Liverpool fell behind 0 to 3, they staged a shocking reversal. The game was full of energy, and the Istanbul night will be in the annals of history forever. Whenever there is a reversal in international football, AC Milan is ready for another crit by "World Football" in the first time.

The goals of Maldini and Crespo gave AC Milan a three-goal lead in the first half. In the second half, Gerrard's header blew the counterattack horn, Smicer narrowed the point difference, Alonso's penalty was saved by Dida, but a supplementary shot equalized the score. In the penalty shootout, Serginho's penalty kick was higher than the crossbar, Pirlo and Shevchenko's penalty kicks were saved by Dudek, and the miracle of Istanbul came.

The brilliance of this game will always be remembered by history.


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