seek death! Real Madrid striker Jovic disregarded the quarantine regulations, he was stuck in trouble after shopping for his birthday

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Spain has become the country with the most severe epidemic in Europe after Italy, and the epidemic in Madrid is particularly severe. However, Serbian striker Jovic, who plays for Real Madrid, has blatantly violated the quarantine regulations in recent days and has become a negative teaching material for Europe's anti-epidemic.

Jovic triggers a controversy in Serbian public opinion

It is reported that Jovic has returned to Serbia from Spain Domestically, he ignored relevant regulations during the quarantine period, went to the streets without wearing a mask or even attended parties, all for the purpose of celebrating his girlfriend's birthday. This behavior aroused public outrage in Serbia. The prosecutors not only considered filing a criminal prosecution against him, but even the president of the country personally warned him.

Although the Real Madrid football team has no confirmed cases, the basketball team has previously been diagnosed with a confirmed case of new crown virus infection, so the Real Madrid football team also needs to be forced to quarantine for 15 days. Jovic had been negative in the previous nucleic acid test, but this is not the reason for his refusal to quarantine. According to the relevant regulations of Serbia, anyone entering Serbia from a severely affected country must undergo a 28-day quarantine. After returning to Serbia, Jovic was found on the streets of Belgrade. The most puzzling thing is that Jovic publicly took photos at his girlfriend's birthday party, flouted the law and publicly took selfies, which caused a lot of media opinion. In an uproar, even some people petitioned that Jovic should be detained under criminal law.

Jovic defied the quarantine regulations for his girlfriend’s birthday

Jovic’s time has alarmed the Serbian leaders. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said: “We have a negative example. He is a football star who earns millions of dollars a year, but ignores the obligation to self-isolate.” And Serbian President Alexander Vucic said. Is tough: "If he leaves his apartment, he will be destroyed and arrested. He needs to know that the lives of our people are more important than his millions of wages."

Jovic did not apologize publicly for pressure. In an interview with the media, Jovic said: “I’m sorry, but some people didn’t do their job well. They didn’t give me the correct guidance, telling me what I should do during the isolation period. How to act."

The Spanish media think Jovic is in trouble

However, the Spanish media clearly does not Not as indifferent as Jovic, the Daily Sports newspaper expressed concern about Jovic’s situation: "Jovic’s situation is very troublesome now. He is likely to be prosecuted by the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office, although the media did not disclose more information. However, judging from the current situation, the possibility of Jovic being punished is still relatively high." A source from the prosecution has previously stated that there is no difference between citizens and football stars, regardless of the occupation once the relevant anti-epidemic regulations are violated. , Then it is very likely to be a penalty of 12.75 million euros or even up to three years in prison.


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