In-depth secret: Sheriff Tiraspol, who defeated Real Madrid and screened the entire network, came from a disputed territory...

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In-depth Secret: Sheriff Tiraspol, who defeated Real Madrid and screened the entire network, came from a disputed territory. Why did they make a name for themselves in the Champions League with the big gold masters behind them?

The Chinese fans woke up and found that the small ball of Sheriff Tiraspol was going to be screened. In the second round of Group D of the Champions League group stage, the Moldova Tiraspol Sheriff team defeated Real Madrid, the champion of the Champions League, 2-1, and exposed a big upset in the Champions League. Then, this What kind of existence is a team that people are not familiar with?

From the Tiraspol Sheriff’s Club in Moldova, when people hear this name, their first reaction is where is it? On August 27, 1991, the Republic of Moldova declared independence when the Soviet Union disintegrated. It has been 30 years since this landlocked country in Southeast Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine, has no sense of existence on the international stage.

In the territory of Moldova, there is a piece of land with an area of ​​4163 square kilometers called the Republic of Moldavia along the Transnistria. Because this area is located on the left bank of the Transnistria in Moldova, Was referred to as "De Zuo" for short. Internationally, it is generally believed that this area is part of the territory of Moldova, but in fact, the "Germany Left" has de facto independence, and its "capital" is Tiraspol. The Tiraspol Sheriff Football Club comes from this port city on the left bank of the Transnistria.

It is such a small club in a forgotten place, but it defeated 13-time Champions League winner Real Madrid 2-1 in the early hours of Beijing time this morning, leaving this giant with a faceless face. With this victory, Sheriff Tiraspol created many records. They became the fourth team in the history of the Champions League to win their first away game against Real Madrid. The first three teams were Juventus and Real Madrid in 1962. Arsenal in 2006 and Liverpool in 2009.

Sheriff Tiraspol, who broke into the Champions League for the first time, defeated Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 at home in the first round of the group stage, and defeated Real Madrid 2-1 in the second round. The two-game winning streak Sheriff Tiraspol has also become the first team to win the team's two prehistoric Champions League games since Leicester City in the 2016-2017 season. Sheriff Tiraspol unlocked the new achievements of the UEFA Champions League all the way, and also gave European elite football an uninvited guest who is not understood by the outside world.

The Tiraspol Sheriff’s Club is from Moldova, or more precisely, it is from the "Germany Left". Although not recognized by the international community, the “German Left” has essentially “independent” from Moldova. It uses its own currency, the Transnistrian ruble, which cannot be exchanged anywhere else in the world and has been Excluded from the international banking system. Although the "border" is only 20 kilometers long, Moldova's telephone signals are not registered here.

The Tiraspol Sheriff’s Club was established in 1997. Its investor is the Sheriff Company, the largest private company in the region. According to European media reports, the Sheriff’s Company was established in 1993 and is a charity organization designed to provide competitive assistance to local police and veterans. This company dominates all areas of "Germany Left" from food retail to banking, from media to politics. With such a strong company behind it, the Tiraspol Sheriff Team also wants to be in Europe. Football seeks a place of its own. The club's business model is to sign foreign aid from South America and Africa, and then let them realize value-added, and then sell these foreign aid to Russian clubs at high prices. However, due to the low level of Moldova’s league and lack of sufficient competition, this model of the Tiraspol Sheriff’s Club does not seem to be effective, and the introduced players cannot achieve a rise in value.

The Sheriff’s Club also hopes that teams from Russia and Ukraine can use the club’s facilities for training, and then compete with these powerful enemies to enhance their competitiveness, but these ideas are not realized. The club The losses are getting worse. Only fight the European war,And only by playing famous can the club be alive, and the club's operating model can be re-operated. The Moldovan Football Association’s attitude towards the introduction of foreign aid is relaxed, which gives Sheriff Tiraspol more room for maneuvering in signings. Currently, there are only 6 players in the team who hold Moldova passports, and the other players are from Malawi, Trinidad and Tobago, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Brazil, Luxembourg and Peru. Against Real Madrid, the Sheriff’s first goal was scored by Uzbekistan’s Yakhsbayev, while the second goal was scored by Luxembourg’s midfielder Thiel, who will participate in the Champions League. Players whose dreams are tattooed on their thighs now have their dreams come true. In the first two rounds of the Champions League, there was not a single player from Moldova in the Sheriff’s starting lineup.

Sergeant Tiraspol, who is worth only 1/64 of Real Madrid, has now made a name in the Champions League, and the outside world has begun to discuss the possibility of their promotion to the top 16. In the next round, Sheriff Tiraspol will play against Inter Milan. Will the Nerazzurri, which has not yet won, become the next background board for the Sheriff to continue his miracle? #UEFA Champions League#

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