6 wins Trump! Reached the 13th ranked final of his career

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In the early morning of June 25th, Beijing time, the 2020 Snooker Tour Championship ended its first match at the "Marshall Arena" in Milton Keynes, UK In the semi-finals, Scottish player Stephen Maguire, who scored 6 over 100 in the opening game, defeated top seed and champion Judd Trump 9-6 to enter the final.

This semi-final still uses a 17-round 9-win game system, and the two sides drew 4 to 4 in the first stage. In the second stage of the evening, Trump led twice, was tied twice, and entered the halftime 6-6. Then Maguire won three consecutive games to open the score and seal the victory. His highest single-stroke score in the entire game was 132 points, and Trump failed to blast his 99th shot this season to break 100.

The result of the first semi-final made the "Coral Cup" 100,000 pounds championship prize continue. If Maguire wins the championship in one fell swoop, he will surpass the small player to win the prize in the world Grand Prix, Players Championship and Tour Championship. If Maguire will play against Selby or Allen on Friday After losing in the finals, the "Coral Cup" and additional bonuses still belong to Trump.

"I am overjoyed, although the game was not good." Maguire said after the game. . "Sometimes you have to fight, and sometimes you blast through the pile of balls with black, blue or green balls, and you just don't have the chance to continue to score. We often make mistakes, but the game still has to win."

"In the first stage, both of us were struggling. Although the table had a new table, the table was okay. The ball felt very wrong and we couldn't control the white ball. 4 to 4 was a fair result. I was able to win in the evening. The last red ball or the single game of the colored ball stage is more pleasant than hitting a hundred."

Maguire will face Selby in the final of 19 games and 10 wins on Friday. The winner with Allen. Maguire said: "(The championship) is still 10 games away. I have reached the final of the British Championships, and I am very close to Ding Junhui. It’s always good to be in the final, especially when I’m about to enter. The World Championships, and after such a long'offseason'."

This final will be Scottish star Stephen Ma The 13th ranked final of Quill's career. The last time he made it to the ranking finals was in the British Championships in December last year. He lost 6-10 to Ding Junhui and missed his second championship; and Maguire won the rankings last time back to Wales in February 2013. In the Open, he defeated Bingham 9-8 in the final.

This season’s World Cup champion team and 6 red ball world champion Maguire have won 5 ranking championships so far in his career:

2004 European Open, final 9 -3 victory over Jimmy White

In the 2004 British Championship, the final 10-1 victory over David Gray

2007 Northern Ireland Cup, the final 9-5 victory over O'Brien

In 2008 China Open, final 10-9 victory over Sean Murphy

In 2013 Welsh Open, final 9-8 victory over Stuart Bingham


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