Tiger Woods, a super sports star with absolute worth

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Tiger Woods, a super sports star with absolute worth

Before he married Swedish model Erin Nordgren, Woods Has at least two world firsts: ranked first in the professional golf world for 334 consecutive weeks, and the world's number one diamond king. "Europe Business" magazine once commented:...

Zhang Lianwei, I have gone through detours and want to be a guide for young people

He is like the "Tiger" Woods of China, making other players frightened. As long as he appears on the field, then... It can be said that I have no income for 10 years after changing my career, even if I earn a bonus. To vote for the next game...

More than 7,000 fans on the scene surrounded and carried 9 endorsements for Woods to "rejuvenate".

After five years of waiting, Tiger Woods finally ushered in the long-awaited PGA Tour victory. Beijing time ends on the 24th... But in the 2018 Forbes athlete income list, Woods still ranks 16th with 43.3 million US dollars, and this is also...

Woods only played before the British Open. If you want to play Bridgestone, you must enter T50.

The event will be operated by the Tiger Woods Foundation, and the event will be revenue Will be owned by the Foundation. "I'm going to rest for 1 week, after which I will participate in the Guiken National Championship, and then go to participate in the British Open." Woods said. Woods has previously reposted from...>>2 people

Woods and Els serve as captains of the President's Cup to continue the South African legend matchup

Orlando, Florida - Tiger Woods and Ernie Els have created the history of the Presidents Cup in golf... Thus, there was the only draw in the history of the Presidents Cup. The battle between the two will start again. Woods and Egypt...>>2 forwarded

The official PGA Tour website was paralyzed for him! Can the 42-year-old Woods come back to save the declining golf?

At the PGA Tour Arnold Palmer Invitational, eight-time tournament champion Tiger Woods staged "The Return of the Tiger King" Mountain". ... With income, professional golf is still the most attractive big cake in the sports world. With the 22-year-old Woods in 1997...

Forbes's 2018 TOP100 of the world’s highest-paid celebrities: Dwayne Johnson, No. 5 Jackie Chan on the list

According to foreign media reports, Forbes announced the world’s top 100 highest-paid celebrities in 2018. Actor George Clooney ranked second with 239 million U.S. dollars, and Dwayne Johnson ranked fifth with 124 million. Robert Downey Jr. 81 million...>>6 people forwarded

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