Golf Family Star News Expo: Molinari wins the British Open, China's Qingdao Championship amateur teenager Yuan Yechun wins the championship

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On July 22, 2018, the eighth stop of the 2018 PGA Tour Series-China Qingdao Championships ended at the Shandong Haiyang Xubao Links Stadium. The 21-year-old Chinese amateur national team player Yuan Ye Chun caught birdies in the final 17th and 18th holes, handed over a par of 72, with a four-round score of 282 (-6), leading the 27-year-old English player Callum Tarren (Callum Tarren). ) 1 stroke to win the championship. Reap the individual's first victory in a professional game. Yuan Yechun also became the second amateur player to win the PGA Tour Series-China victory after Jin Cheng won the Jiulongshan Open in Zhejiang in 2014. In 2014, the then 16-year-old Jin Cheng won the championship with a four-round score of 281 (-7) ahead of the Chinese-American player Sam Chien at the Jiulongshan Open in Jiulongshan, Zhejiang. The 21-year-old Chinese player Chen Zihao scored 284 (-4) in four rounds, tied for third place with Canadian player Wang Yaojin (70) and England player Michael Skelton (69). This is also Chen Zihao’s this season. Best ranking. Among other Chinese players, Yang Yinong tied for seventh place with a total score of 287 (-1) in four rounds. This is also Yang Yinong's best result in this year's professional competition. Jin Daxing scored 72 strokes today and tied for 9th with a four-round score of 288 par. In this week’s Qingdao Championship, 52 Chinese players participated in the 156-person lineup, 16 advanced to the finals, and 4 entered the top 10, which is also the top 10 number of mainland Chinese players in the PGA Tour Series-China competition this season. The most game.


Liu Yujie won the World Star Junior Golf Championship for the first time

On July 20, 2018, the IJGA Worldstars of Junior Golf (IJGA Worldstars of Junior Golf) will be held in Las Vegas, USA on July 17-19, local time The 8-year-old daughter of Liu Guoliang, Liu Yujie, won the championship at the age of 8 and under, and Liu Yujie, who won countless domestic competitions, won the world championship for the first time. The women's group of 8 years old and below will have a total of 3 rounds with 9 holes in each round (36 par). Liu Yujie surrendered the scarlet letters in all three days of competition, with a total score of 95 (32-32-31) in three rounds, 13 under par, and won the championship by 4 strokes. It is worth mentioning that Liu Yujie had a bogey-free result in the next two rounds. She caught 4 birdies in the second round and 5 birdies in the final round.


Women’s Day Tour: 21st Century Women’s Tournament Gilman won the second amateur championship in the first game

On July 22, 2018, Kristen Gillman (Kristen Gillman), a 20-year-old from the United States, started from 1 shot behind. ) On Sunday at the West Course of Seta Golf Course in Shiga Prefecture (6518 yards, par 72), he caught 7 birdies, swallowed 2 bogeys, shot 67, and reversed the 21st century that won a total prize of 80 million yen. Women's golf tournament. Since she is still an amateur, she cannot receive 14.4 million yen in the championship prize. Kristen Gilman is another women's Japanese tour amateur champion since Nasa Hataoka won the Japan Women's Open in 2016, and the sixth in history. She is also the second amateur player to win the Women's Japan Tour for the first time after Kim Hyo-joo won the Suntory Women's Open in 2012. Kristen Gilman scored 199 (65-67-67) in three rounds, which was 17 under-par and was 4 shots ahead. 20-year-old Xiao Zhuying handed over 72 strokes to 203, below the markWith 13 strokes, she is tied for second place with 22-year-old Kimura Caiko (68 strokes). The two equally divided the prize money for the first place (14.40 million yen) and the second place (7.04 million yen), each earning 10.72 million yen. Karis Davidson (Karis Davidson) scored 70, and was one shot behind Higa Mimiko (66), tied for fourth place, with a three-round score of 204, 12 under par. Two Chinese Taipei players made the top ten. Lu Xiaoqing shot 68 in the second round in a row, with 206 (70-68-68), 10 under par, and tied for seventh. Cai Peiying shot 70, one shot behind and tied for tenth. Lu Wanyao shot 73 in the final round, 212 (72-67-73), 4 under par and tied for 25th. Zhang Weiwei surrendered 74 in the final round, 217 (72-71-74), 1 above par, and tied for 53rd.


HSBC Youth Championship Shenzhen Station: Zhang Junyuan wins after five years of grinding a sword

On July 20, 2018, the 2018 HSBC National Junior Golf Championship Shenzhen Station Xili Golf and Country Club ended successfully, and 10 categories of champions were decided . They are: Chen Guxin (men U18 group), Li Ligang (men U15 group), Hou Wanshan (men U13 group), Miao Enze (men U11 group), Li Zhi (men U9 group); Zhang Xinqiao (women U18 group) , Ma Ruochun (women U15 group), Zhang Junyuan (women U13 group), Wang Xinyu (women U11 group), Liu Ruicen (women U9 group). The competition for the women’s U13 group was fierce. Zhang Junyuan, who took the lead in the previous round, grabbed 3 birdies and shot a 69 (-3) without bogey, but was still surrendered by Zeng Li, who had a 68 (-4). Tied, the two tied for first place with a total score of 145 (+1), and the game was decided in the playoffs. In the end, Zhang Junyuan advanced a 1-yard birdie push in the first extra hole, defeated Zeng Li, and won the HSBC Youth Championship for the first time. The men’s U18 group champion was also produced by adding holes. The last-round leader Chen Guxin was still two shots ahead when there were three remaining holes to play. However, the hard-working "good buddy" Fu Yekai pressed hard and became more and more pressing. Nervous Chen Guxin bogeyed on the 16th and 17th holes. In the end, Chen Guxin scored 74 (+2) and was tied with Fu Yekai, who handed over 73 (+1). Together, the two ranked first on the scoreboard with a total score of 221 (+5) and entered the extension. Match showdown. In the first extra hole match, the two sides were still on par, both of them scored 5 or 6 yards of putts into the hole and tied. Entering the second extra hole match, Chen Guxin hit the green with a beautiful shot, hit the ball to 4 or 5 yards from the hole, and then put two pars and won the championship. Fu Yekai and Chen Zihao won the runner-up and third runner-up respectively. Men's U13 player Xia Duotian and women's U13 player Wei Tianyu won the Moral Style Award; men's U13 player Hou Wanshan and women's U11 player Wang Xinyu won the MVP of this station.


Super Litchi National Series Taizhou Station: Han Xu and Pan Jie both win the championship

On July 20, 2018, at the Taizhou Overseas Chinese Town Yunhai Wetland Golf Course, the Super Litchi National Golf Series ended at Taizhou Station. The men’s team Han Xu relied on the game. After two days of steady performance, she won the championship with a total score of 220 (+4). In the women's group, Pan Jiehong finally surpassed her teammate Cai Danlin of the Shenzhen Sports Industry Team with a score of 217 (+1) and won the thrilling championship. Han Xu is an old face of the Super Litchi National Golf Series, this time his performance is much more stable than before. If it wasn't for the last two holes to lose the ball on the first day, and to swallow a double bogey and a bogey, his transcript would be more perfect. However, in the second round, he adjusted his condition and hit the red letter. Although he had a score of 73 (+1) in the final round, his three-day stable performance was enough to win his first championship in the Super Litchi event. The women's champion Pan Jiehong's three-day performance was also very stable, with 72, 73 and 72 strokes. Although he did not hit the red letter, he won a "steady". From July 23 to 26, 2018, the Super Litchi National Golf Series Shuangshan Station match play will be held at Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Golf Club. We look forward to more players participating and staged a fierce battle.


The 15th Guangdong Provincial Games GoreGolf match: Shenzhen and Guangzhou Nangkua top two Zhongshan Zhaoqing third

July 2018 On the 20th, the 15th Guangdong Provincial Games Golf Tournament ended at Evergrande Zhaoqing Golf Resort. After three days of competition, Shenzhen finally became the biggest winner, winning three gold medals in Men’s Group B, Women’s Group A, and Group B and silver medals in Men’s Group A. The Guangzhou team won the men's group A gold medal, and also included the men's group B, women's group A and B silver medals; the men's group A, group B and women's group B were won by Zhongshan team; the host Zhaoqing team won the women's group bronze medal . In the men's Group A, the Shenzhen team had great stamina. After ranking fourth in the first round, the last two rounds climbed all the way to overtake the Zhongshan team by one shot and won the second place with 448 shots. The Zhongshan team ranked third by one stroke. The championship was won by the leading Guangzhou team with a total of 421.

In the women's first group, the opening is like seeing the end. The Shenzhen team, Guangzhou team, and Zhaoqing team always maintained the lead. In the end, Shenzhen team won the championship with a total score of 437. The Guangzhou team fell behind by four strokes and won the runner-up. The host Zhaoqing team won the third runner-up with a total score of 513!

In the men's second group, the Shenzhen team had a clear advantage and finally won the championship with 414 strokes. Guangzhou team won the runner-up with 442 strokes, and Zhongshan team finished third with 487 strokes. In Women's Group B, the Shenzhen team, Guangzhou team and Zhongshan team are of equal strength. Everyone catches up with me. In the end, Shenzhen team won the championship with a four-shot advantage. Guangzhou team came in second, and Zhongshan team was third behind by three strokes. In the end, the top eight teams in total points were Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, Meizhou, Dongguan and Foshan; Yunfu and Foshan won the best style award.

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