Selby rushed to kill Murphy in advance, the billiards emperor risked promotion, and the two masters were super unpopular! _ competition

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Original title: Selby fights against Murphy ahead of schedule, the billiards emperor is in danger to advance, and the two masters are super unpopular!

On the morning of August 18th, Beijing time, the 2021 World Snooker British Open ended the second day of competition. In the local evening games, many famous athletes such as Jiao Ge, Maguire, Lisowski, Selby, Murphy and Hendry participated in the battle. As a result, the short format of 5 games and 3 wins caused a comeback, and Jie Ge and Lisovsky lost to players far below their own rankings in the world.

A total of 128 players participated in this competition. One of the biggest features is that the candidates of both sides are decided by random draw, which directly led to the early first-round battle between Selby and Murphy, the two "post-80s five tigers". Selby, ranked second in the world, and Murphy, ranked fifth in the world, staged a strong dialogue. Murphy 80-38 in the first game, Selby tied the big score with 78 in the second game, and then won 82-19 in the third game. In the fourth game, Selby scored 54 points in a single stroke. Murphy scored more points from a single stroke. Can only enter the decisive game; in the fifth game, neither of them scored high in a single stroke. Selby won 89-27 and led by 3-2.

Karen Wilson, the world’s sixth-ranked "Oops brother", faces the world-ranked 80th Hu Gil, OopsIn the first and fourth games, he hit 101 and 115 on a single stroke respectively, winning twice with zero seals; however, the opponent's performance was also very tenacious. In the third and fifth games, he won by 80 and 57 points in a single stroke, and in the second game, he successfully won 62-61. "Brother Oops" finally won with a two-shot high score, but unfortunately stopped the first round.

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Lisovsky, Japanese trader, UK, ranked 14th in the world, now is the year of war, but Today, he was defeated by Pinches, a 51-year-old veteran who ranked 92nd in the world. The power of the short game system is evident. Lisovsky scored a good start 66-45. In the second game, he had a 90-point single shot with a 2-0 advantage. However, Pinches won the third game with 59 points on a single stroke and the fourth game with 59-46 on a single stroke. In the deciding game, 59 points per shot completed the final attack (74-1), 3-2 reversal and eliminated Lisowski.

The billiards emperors Hendry and Wakelin also played 5 rounds and failed to score a 50. Hendry, ranked 89th in the world, had the last laugh in the slow battle and advanced 3-2. Scotland, another famous player, Maguire, defeated Jackson Page 71-9, 87-16 and 76-27 in the second and third sets, scoring 68 and 52 points respectively.

The British Open was once a traditional professional competition, but after 2004, it was closed for a long time Time, and it took 17 years to return to the world snooker calendar this season. The total prize money of this British competition is 470,000 pounds, and the championship prize is 100,000 pounds. Many Chinese players signed up for the competition. Two days later, Zhao Jianbo, Wu Yize, Lu Ning, Zhang Jiankang, Liang Wenbo, Xu Si, Chen Zifan, Browning and Zhou Yuelong won the second round. The 18-year-old Zhao Jianbo defeated McGill and ranked 16th in the world. This is the biggest surprise; Xiao Guodong, Chang Bingyu, Zhang Anda, Fan Zhengyi, Lu Haotian, Gao Yang, Yuan Sijun and Tian Pengfei failed to enter the top 64 and lost to the Derby.

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