Counting the ten strongest forwards in the history of world football, who can make the top 10?

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Today, let us take a look at the top ten forward rankings in the history of world football. So who can be ranked in the top ten?

Top 1: Pele (Brazil)

He is the number one. This is indisputable. He is not only the most famous forward, but also known as the best player so far. He is not only the king of the ball, but also the title of "Black Pearl". In the 1,366 games he played, he scored 1,283 goals. This number has not been exceeded so far. In addition to this, he is the only player who has won the World Cup three times so far. Therefore, he is called It's no exaggeration to be Brazil's number one striker!

Top 2: Ronaldo (Brazil)

Ronaldinho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 18, 1976. He is a forward on the field. Ronaldo became famous as a teenager in Cruzeiro. He won the World Footballer three times in 1996, 1997 and 2002. In 1998, he was elected the best player of the World Cup. In 2002 he won the World Cup Golden Boot Award. In 2010, Ronaldo won the Brazilian Legendary Superstar Award.

Ronaldo’s European football career began in Eindhoven and has since played for Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He has won 1 La Liga championship trophy, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 European Cup Winners' Cup, 1 Spanish Copa del Rey and 2 Spanish Super Cup championship trophies.

Top 3: Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina/Spanish)

Alfredo di Stefano can be described as the originator of modern football. When he was at Real Madrid, he created five consecutive championships in the 1956-1960 Champions League. He considers himself an artist of the highest level. When a British newspaper interviewed him, Stefano said: "I think I can be compared with Picasso and Rembrandt.' He firmly believes that football is an art. For him, playing football is painting with the ball, every time. The competition is an event.

Top 4: Ged Muller (Germany)

Gerd Muller’s offensive power in the frontcourt is rare, and the efficiency is staggering! Muller represented West Germany in 62 games and scored 68 goals. There is a "goal guarantor" Title. At the club, he played 427 times for Bayern Munich and scored 365 goals. Mueller played completely on consciousness. As long as he could hold the ball, he would try to turn it into a goal. Sometimes, his teammates asked him: "You What's the secret to being able to keep scoring goals?' Muller just smiled and didn't answer anything.

Top 5: Romario (Brazil)

Sousa Romario (January 29, 1966 -), born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a former Brazilian football player. He is one of the players who have scored more than 50 goals in international competitions. He was selected by FIFA as one of the 125 best football players in football history in March 2004. On May 20, 2007, Romario finally scored his 1,000th goal in his career against Rafis Sports. It became a real record in football history, following Brazil’s Pele, Federage and Austria. After Franz Binder, the fourth person to achieve this milestone in his personal career.

Top 6: Eusebio (Portugal)

"The retired king and the new king'. This is the comparison between Eusebio and Pele after the 66th World Cup. But before the World Cup, people thought that Portugal would be the first team to be eliminated. One, but to everyone's surprise, Eusebio led Portugal in the group stage and broke into the top 8 with a complete victory record. In the third and fourth finals, they defeated the same powerful Soviet team and won the first place. Three, this shocked the whole world

Eusebio’s technique is impeccable. He has a good grasp of the timing of passing and receiving the ball. His shooting power is strong, the ball is fast, and the angle is tricky, which makes the goalkeeper difficult to defend. Eusebio is also a tragic hero of the World Cup. He failed to lead Portugal to make history. This is really a pity in his football career.

Top 7: Van Basten (Netherlands)

Van Basten played for the two football clubs of Ajax in the Eredivisie and AC Milan in Serie A in the player era. He has won 2 UEFA Champions League titles and 3 Eredivisie titles in his career. , 4 Serie A championships and many other honors, personally won 3 European Footballer, 1 FIFA World Footballer, 4 Eredivisie best scorer, 2 Serie A best scorer, 1 European Golden Boot And other important honors. On August 17, 1995, Van Basten announced his retirement due to injury. Remember that song zero angle volley? The goalkeeper facing him is the best goalkeeper of the century.

Top 8: Henry (France)

Henry is regarded as one of the best forwards in world football in the past ten years. He has unparalleled elegance and high efficiency, with fast pace, agile dribbling ability, rich creativity and amazing scoring ability. Known, he often starts to dribble the ball in the midfield, and then deeply attracts fans.

Top 9: Batistuta (Argentina)

In terms of shooting technique, shooting footwork, shooting angle or shooting power, Batty is definitely the world's top level. He is the real No. 9 pronoun. His explosive power is also very strong, and relying on his physical superiority, the back of God of War is definitely a nightmare for defenders. Batty is one of the best forwards in the history of Argentine football. Whether in terms of shooting technique, shooting footwork, shooting angle or shooting power, Batty is almost perfect! His loyalty to Florence has made Batty missing a lot of important honors that should be at his fingertips! In his career, he played 615 games and cut 391 goals!

Top 10: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

The top attacker in today's football, the only active player on the list. In June 2009, he transferred to La Liga Real Madrid with a worth of 96 million euros. During this period, he won 4 UEFA Champions League titles, 2 La Liga titles, and 3 times. Sixteen championships including the World Club Cup champions. Ronaldo played for Real Madrid for 9 years, contributing 450 goals and 131 assists in 438 games, averaging 1.03 goals per game, becoming the player with the highest scoring rate in Real Madrid's history.

In his career, Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Golden Globe Award 5 times, the World Player of Football 3 times, the European Golden Boot 4 times, and the Champions League best scorer 7 times. And achieved the great achievement of the Champions League 3 consecutive championships. In 2018, Ronaldo officially transferred to Juventus for 100 million euros, and the Portuguese superstar started the Serie A journey.

The above "Inventory of the ten strongest forwards in the history of world football, who can make the top 10?" The information is not static, all information is for reference only. If you want to learn more about it, please continue to pay attention to the Bara Ranking List!

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