CCTV broadcasts the Club World Cup! The AFC Champions of the New Division will fight Real Madrid again, this time they will keep vigorously supporting their opponents in the AFC Champions League _ Kashima

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Original title: CCTV Live Club World Cup! The new champions of the AFC Champions League will fight Real Madrid again. This time they will continue to support their opponents in the AFC.

The biggest upset of this year’s Club World Cup is that they just won the Copa Libertadores in one of the semi-finals held in the early hours of this morning. The champion River Plate unexpectedly lost to an underdog in Asia. Although the two sides reached 2-2 in the 120-point civil war, in the final penalty shootout, the South American Libertadores Cup Champion River Plate lost a total score of 6-7 to host Al Ain. Therefore, Ain was also the first West Asian team to advance to the Club World Cup final. Previously, there were teams that advanced to the final with the host, namely Kashima Antlers and Casablanca.

Tomorrow morning, the final match of the Club World Cup semi-final will begin. The new AFC Champion Kashima Antlers will face the Champions League overlord Real Madrid , CCTV5 will broadcast this "fight of revenge". This semi-final game may not have too much suspense, but because Kashima Antlers played against Real Madrid in the 2016 Club World Cup final, they left a deep impression. Although Real Madrid won the Club World Cup unexpectedly, in that final, Kashima Antlers caused a lot of trouble for Real Madrid, and even postponed the game to overtime to decide the winner. In the end Real Madrid 4-2 Defeat Kashima Antlers.

The two teams met again after two years. For Kashima Antlers, who won the AFC Champions League this year, This game is a battle for their revenge. Although the team lineup has changed a lot from two years ago, Shibasaki-dake, who shined against Real Madrid two years ago, has already left Kashima Antlers. The Japanese international is currently playing. Getafe in La Liga. Speaking of Mt. Shibasaki, in the Club World Cup final two years ago, he not only impressed the fans, but also impressed Real Madrid players very well. It was because of Mt. Shibasaki’s outstanding performance and Shibasaki. Yue scored twice, knowing that it is not easy to break the goal of Real Madrid, and he still scored 2 goals. It can be said that Shibasaki-dake's shining flashes, let people see Asian players not to be underestimated.

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Because Shibasaki-dake, who was the core player of the team, has already left the team, and the Kashima Antlers are in this season. In the case of multi-line combat, many players are missing due to injuries. However, after the devilish multi-line battle, Kashima Antlers also achieved good results this season. They won third place in the league, thus qualifying for next season's AFC Champions League, and also won this year's AFC Champions League. It is the first intercontinental champion in the history of the Kashima Antlers. Nevertheless, the remnant Kashima Antlers voiced for revenge before the game. They do not want to regret as they did two years ago, but the objective reality is that the strength of the two sides is still quite disparity. In the game, it can be regarded as a victory if it can cause Real Madrid as much trouble as two years ago.

As an opponent in the AFC Champions League, Guangzhou Evergrande played against Luer in the 1/8 finals of the 2017 AFC Champions League. Kashima Antlers, when Evergrande scored 2-2 with an away goal to eliminate Kashima Antlers. Although Guangzhou Evergrande did not have a confrontation with Real Madrid in the Club World Cup, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated another La Liga giant Barcelona 0-3 in the 2015 Club World Cup semi-finals. Therefore, Guangzhou Evergrande still hopes that Kashima Antlers will win glory for Asian football.

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