Messi responds to the departure from the team: if I make a mistake, it is only for the better of Barcelona

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Chinanews client, September 30th, 30th Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Messi responded to the previous departure from the team in an interview. He said that if he is wrong, it is only for Barcelona. better.

Data map: On the evening of August 14, local time, in the quarter-finals of the 2019-2020 season, Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8-2 and advanced forward Semi-finals. Such a disparate score created the worst record in the history of the Barcelona team in the Champions League.

In the interview, Messi called on Barcelona to unite. He said: "After experiencing so many differences, I hope to draw an end. All Barcelona people should unite. Get up and believe in the future."

In addition, Messi also expressed his willingness to admit his mistakes. He said: "I am willing to bear my own mistakes, if any, just for the Barcelona club to be better and stronger."

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When talking about stress and dreams, Messi said that stress and dreams are the only way to achieve goals. We must always unite and walk in one direction.

Messi sent a message to the fans: "I hope that Barcelona members and fans will continue to support us. If anyone is unhappy with what I have said or done, please Don't doubt, I always think for the better of the club."



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