Messi responds to the storm of leaving the team: if there is a mistake, it is for the better of Barcelona, ​​calling on Barcelona to unite

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Beijing time on the 30th, according to foreign media reports, Messi responded to the previous departure from the team in an interview. He said that if he is wrong, it is only for the better of Barcelona.

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In the interview, Messi called on Barcelona to unite. He said: "After experiencing so many differences, I hope to draw a full stop. All Barcelona people should unite, believe The future."

In addition, Messi also expressed his willingness to admit his mistakes. He said: "I am willing to bear my own mistakes, if any, just for the Barcelona club to be better and stronger."

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When talking about stress and dreams, Messi said that stress and dreams are the only way to achieve goals. We must always unite and walk in one direction.

Messi sent a message to the fans: "I hope that Barcelona members and fans will continue to support us. If anyone is unhappy with what I have said or done, please Don’t doubt, I always think for the better of the club."

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Messi himself Voice: I want to leave, but I will stay in Barcelona in the new season

Since the news that Messi will leave Barcelona was exposed, "Where will Messi go" has become the world The focus of media attention.

Previously, Barcelona Club Sports Director Paranes stated that the club will work hard to keep Messi: "We do not intend to terminate Messi’s contract. We hope he can stay. , I think the club must show the greatest respect to Messi, because we are talking about Messi, he is the best player in the world and in football history."

Beijing In the early morning of September 5, Messi himself spoke and announced that he would stay in Barcelona for the new season. "I'm not happy. I want to leave, but I have tried all kinds of ways. Now I will stay in Barcelona. The management of the club led by Bartomeu is a disaster." Messi said, "I don't want me and the one I love. The club went to court, Barcelona gave me everything, and I gave my all for the club."

Previously, the Messi team had had many rounds of this matter with all parties. communicate with.

On September 2nd, Beijing time, Messi’s father and agent Jorge arrived in Barcelona and held talks with the top leaders of Barcelona. According to foreign media reports, the atmosphere of the talks was fairly relaxed, but the two sides had serious differences and the negotiations were at a deadlock.

Subsequently, the Argentine national team told reporters that Messi has a 90% chance of staying with the team for one year and then leaving Barcelona after fulfilling the contract.

On September 4, Beijing time, the Messi team issued a statement, insisting that the clause of the 700 million liquidated damages in the previous statement of Laliga on Messi’s personal contract issues is invalid.

But for Messi’s statement, La Liga said that the 700 million liquidated damages clause is still valid. The Messi team’s understanding of the contract is inconsistent with the facts. In this regard, La Liga has stated this in its August 30 statement.

Leaving the team: if I make a mistake, it’s just for Barcelona’s better)

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