The UEFA Champions League draw or make a death group! Manchester United Barcelona, ​​Manchester City get together in 2 gears, all want to draw this opponent?

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On October 1st, Beijing time, the last three games of the UEFA Champions League qualifiers ended. In the end, three teams including Salzburg, Krasnodar and China Jutland successfully broke through, and they also became the last three. A team that advances to the top 32.

, Bayern, Juventus, Sevilla, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Paris and other 8 teams are assigned to the first gear according to the rules, while European giants such as Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and Manchester City get together in the second gear, plus Inter Milan, Atlanta, Leipzig and Lazio and other strong teams, because of the points relationship, they can only fall into the third gear, this result is bound to make the next draw, the probability of a dead group will greatly increase.

According to the rules, in the group stage, teams in the same league will not meet, which means that Manchester United and Manchester City will not be in the same group as Liverpool, and Barcelona will not draw Real Madrid and Servi Leah, but because there are too many strong teams in the first and second gears, the next big team will definitely be divided into a group.

From now on , Bayern is undoubtedly the strongest team in Europe. In the German Super Cup match with Dortmund, Bayern defeated their opponent 3-2 again. This is already the fifth championship that Bayern has won in the past year. In terms of their strength, even if they are better than Liverpool, they dare not say they can. Contend with the booming Bayern, let alone other giants.

But if you can choose, Manchester United, Manchester City and Barcelona must all want to draw Bayern. Why do you say that? Because in the group stage, even if they are double-killed by Bayern, as long as they defeat other opponents, they can still ensure a place for promotion. Once you meet Bayern in the group stage, you will be able to avoid this opponent with a 16-in-8. This is definitely a dream result. Especially Barcelona, ​​although they lost 2-8 to Bayern before, there is a lot of chance in this game. If they can meet Bayern in the group stage, Barcelona will undoubtedly have a chance to get revenge.

, Tonight, the Champions League will draw lots, and hope that the big giants can get their ideal opponents as they wish. If Bayern, Barcelona and Inter are in the same group (any one in the fourth gear will do), it will look great!


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