See through the scenery, Messi and Barcelona are caught in the renewal of Rashomon

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Recently, for the 33-year-old Messi, it may be a good harvest season. While defeating Van Dijk and Ronaldo as the World Footballer, he also won three pairs of European Golden Boots for his three sons.

It was just a few days ago that Messi and Barcelona, ​​the team, wrote the story together for fifteen years. In fifteen years, it has occupied nearly all of Messi's football career; in fifteen years, Barcelona has experienced too many moments enough to stay in the history books.

Fifteen years of time go round and round, enough to let the beasts run around and see the scenery through. But it didn't seem to change Messi. He still chased the ball like a five-year-old boy, focused and reticent. He will always be the church choir, the last row, the singing child.

Fifteen years, Messi and Barcelona have made each other's achievements and left an indelible mark on each other. . If Barcelona is a high tower, then Messi is the bird tactfully on the spire of the tower.

For Messi, who is stubbornly guarding Barcelona's three-square acre, Ronaldo sometimes mentions two things: we should meet new challenges. Messi disagreed, and replied unceremoniously: I enjoy my life in Barcelona, ​​why should I leave the best club in the world? The Argentine is indeed in love, and we can see one or two from his consistent love. After fifteen years of playing for Barcelona, ​​he still insists on staying behind.

However, in the eyes of this renewal, the relationship between Messi and Barcelona, ​​a match made in the eyes of everyone, has become a bit subtle and meaningful.

Messi and Barcelona, ​​fifteen years of a match made in heaven

If Barcelona is the Sistine Chapel today, then Messi is the dome created by Michelangelo's painstaking efforts. With the continuous improvement of the concept of teamwork and system development in modern football, individual heroism represented by Pele, Maradona, etc. has gradually disappeared in the torrent of history, and the tactical weight that tilts towards superstars on the field is slowly being lost. Righting, reckless and unlimited fire power is no longer the exclusive privilege of superstars, they have begun to transform from being above the whole team into a team's tactical puzzle.

Just as Messi is to Barcelona, ​​and the dome is to the Sistine Chapel.

Argentina’s protracted economic crisis was the driving force behind Messi’s departure from Argentina to the Iberian Peninsula. The poor economic situation limits Messi's growth and makes him powerless in the face of dwarfism. His father Jorge is the coach of the local amateur team and Messi’s true football guide. He will also become Messi’s agent in the future, but his energy is far from enough for Messi to take root in the Argentine club. . Until the millennium, when Messi was 13 years old, Barcelona scout Kuka discovered Messi's talent and brought him to Spain, Messi officially became a member of the Barcelona youth training system.

At that time, La Masia brought together the best talents in history, but Messi was still crowned The pearl still has unparalleled talent. He completed the league debut at the age of 17, led Argentina to win the World Youth Championship at the age of 18, and he won the Golden Globe and Golden Boot awards. At that time, Messi's spring breeze was proud of horseshoes and could win all fans. His love, he didn’t know that in the days to come, Argentines would be far more difficult to please than Spaniards.

Nothing can stop Messi from continuing. In 2005, at the age of 18, Messi scored a league goal on behalf of Barcelona and played on behalf of the Argentine national team to complete the national team's first show. Even though he was reimbursed for the season due to a muscle strain in the Champions League match against Chelsea in March 2006, this does not prevent him from becoming Maradona's successor-you must know that Maradona has never been involved in a lifetime in Europe. In the Champions League, Messi had already won the Champions League when he was 20 years old. At the beginning, the fantasy tridents of Barcelona's frontcourt went all over the world, Ronaldinho, Eto'o and others left one after another, Messi had to show his amazing growth rate.

butNo matter what Barcelona sinks into, no one can still cover Messi's edge. He completed a hat-trick in the National Derby in March 2007. That year, he ranked third in the world in the Golden Globe Awards. He also copied Maradona’s five consecutive people and the hand of God within one month. Formally inherited the mantle of the ball king.

Although Messi was able to kill the Quartet at that time, he could not promote the Barcelona team to compete for the championship. . The opponents are also aware of this: Compared to Messi, who is unreliable one-on-one, they are more willing to choke off the Barcelona team's offense. At that time, Barcelona did not have an effective offensive system, and the offense could only rely on low. Effective personal ability.

The real thing that made Messi complete the qualitative change was the lanky and tall midfield commander appointed by Cruyff: Guardiola. In his coaching, Barcelona has become a gorgeous cosmic team, and Messi's position has also been played from the right wing to the pseudo nine. He is backed by Habaibu’s ingenious shots and constant high-post presses. He can also switch offensive modes at will in the frontcourt. The main way of scoring has also changed from a personal ability after passing into a delicate position. After the end. In the four years under Guardiola, Messi also ruled the personal honor of football, just as he ruled every opponent. He has won the Ballon d'Or and the World Player of Football for these four years, breaking many records. Even if Guardiola later went to Bayern, he would use Messi to teach by example: "There can be no exceptions in my training. If there is any There can only be one exception, and that is Messi."

In the summer of 2012, Vilanova took over Guardiola as the team's coach. After a season, he was replaced by Martino in the Barcelona coach. , Enrique took office in 2014, the turbulence in the coaching position did not affect Messi's ability, but it affected Messi's performance to some extent. When the formation of MSN is completed and Messi once again returned to the right wing position when he first debuted, Barcelona's offensive system was completed.

Although the plum after this West has only won the Ballon d'Or award once, but this does not hinder his progress: he turned the top of the penalty area into his shooting hot zone, his free kick became one of the main scoring methods, and his outstanding performance decreased. The speed ratio is replaced by a sense of rhythm and center of gravity shaking. When cutting in, it also reduces the bumps of the two feet after dialing the ball. Instead, it replaces it with a steady cutting and walking. It also developed a left side diagonal long pass to find Al bar.

Fifteen years of playing for Barcelona, ​​Messi has grown from a thin boy to the world’s unparalleled world champion. The Pantheon of Barcelona will always retain the name Leo Messi.

Under the calm undercurrent, Neymar lit the fuse?

Messi’s public opinion this year is a bit weird compared to previous years. You may not have expected that one day Messi will stand At the cusp of public opinion, it is not because of his astounding data and the glory that will shine through the ages, but because of the so-called internal game of the club.

On October 16, 2019, Messi received his sixth European Golden Boot Award accompanied by the club’s top management and his family. The 33-year-old Argentine used the honor to show that he is still the present The forward standing at the top of the pyramid in football. Barça chairman Bartomeu smiles all around him, and his home star once again won the European Golden Boot. As the team chairman, there is naturally no reason to be unhappy. The two people laughed and talked at the award-winning banquet, and the atmosphere was extremely harmonious. However, the fifteen years of close cooperation between Messi and Barcelona, ​​although it looks flawless now, there are undercurrents under the calm water.

The issue of Messi’s contract renewal, which is the most concerned now, is continuing to ferment in a way that deviates from expectations. Last month, the La Liga season kicked off, and Messi stayed away due to injuries. Stadium. However, at this juncture, there has been a minor episode-Messi’s contract terms have been exposed again: according to the current contract, Messi will play for Barcelona until 2021, and the two parties signed in 2017 In the latest contract, Messi may freely transfer and leave Barcelona in the next summer.

Actually,Objective facts, we turn our attention to Messi, and there is another factor that cannot be ignored: Messi is now 33 years old, he has the strongest personal ability in the world, and he is still the darling of critics from all walks of life, but He can't grasp everything, such as the ability to change the game at any time, such as the fading Golden Globe award.

For the long-term development of the club , Barcelona’s top management considers from various aspects, what is the probability that a 33-year-old veteran will continue to be the core of the team’s iron fight? Probably everyone has a bottom in his heart. It may be too cold to say, but in addition to objective factors such as material conditions to maintain a club's competitiveness, there is also cruel to ruthless reason. A club that has always been in the top tier will never become a retirement home for stars. Real Madrid can withstand the infamy and send Raul away. Barcelona is slightly warm to the veterans, but has made great achievements for the team, such as Harvey. Opportunity to die at Camp Nou.

Even if Messi will gradually fade out of Barcelona's lineup like Iniesta, this is not a vision, but a situation that is becoming a reality. It is impossible for Barcelona to always rely on Messi, who was born in 1987, to launch an impact on Europe's top honors.


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