See you on Monday, Wu Lei’s team decides the fate of the 2nd team’s relegation, Real Madrid will not give up 12 consecutive victories

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Next Monday, the 2019-20 season of La Liga will usher in the finale. For La Liga, which has revealed the suspense of the championship in advance, where is the highlight of the final round? In my opinion, there are mainly the following three.

The last relegation quota, Leganes probability is greater than Celta

Now We already know that the two relegated teams in La Liga are Mallorca and Espanyol, so the last round will tell us who the last relegation spot will go to. Leganes, who is currently ranked temporarily behind, is only 1 point less than Celta, who is temporarily ahead. In the last game, if Celta loses and Leganes wins, then the situation will be completely reversed.

Celta’s last opponent was the Spaniard, and Leganes’ last opponent was Real Madrid, who just won the championship, which happened to be the two extremes of La Liga. In comparison, Celta's prospects for relegation are more favorable, but football is round, and no one knows the result until the final whistle is blown.

Another point to say is that Real Madrid has won 11 consecutive victories before. Although the championship has been obtained, no one will have too many records. So Real Madrid, which aims to hit 12 consecutive victories, is not Will release water, Leganes is in danger!

Wu Lei’s last match of La Liga

Let’s talk about our Chinese king , Wu Lei's last battle in La Liga, his opponent is the aforementioned Celta who has relegation pressure. The Spaniard, who knew in advance that he was going to be relegated, has not won a game recently. This time against a team with such a strong desire to survive again, a loss is inevitable. But as long as Wu Lei can play, it is enough for us to take another look at him. Of course, whether Wu Lei, who has been short of goals for 10 consecutive games, can score a goal in the final game of La Liga and come to a perfect end is also the highlight of this round of competition.

The most recent match between Celta and the Spaniard ended in a tie. In that game, Wu Lei also started, but was substituted in the 65th minute and did not score. I hope this time I can play the full court and score a goal.

European war quota, 4 choices 2

La Liga fights to the penultimate round, Many results have been announced in advance, but there is one major suspense and variable, that is, the last two European war places.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Sevilla have booked the Champions League places for next season early. There are two Europa League tickets that are still full of suspense.

The four teams Real Sociedad, Getafe, Valencia and Granada only have a gap of 2 points at most, and the ranking can be rewritten with one victory or defeat.

For the last 2 Europa League tickets, the above 4 teams rushed to duck!


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