Vietnamese media are concerned about Wu Lei's failure to enter the empty goal, Vietnamese fans support: Spaniards rely on him to enter the European Union

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A life and death battle for relegation. The Spaniard lost 0-1 to Betis. There are already 8 points behind the safety zone. There are still 7 rounds in the league. The Spaniard will face Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Real Madrid, and Valencia. For a strong team like West Asia, it can be said that the Spaniards are basically unable to escape the fate of relegation.

The Spaniard lost to Betis, and one became the worst offender. He is the Chinese player Wu Lei. He In the 89th minute, he missed a half-empty single-handed goal and the team also missed a point. After the game, the Spanish media criticized Wu Lei and gave the lowest score. The content is the same: Wu Lei Missed a goal that was harder not to score than to score.

The Asian media have also paid attention to Wu Lei’s inadequate news. The Korean media expressed Wu Lei’s mistake. The Spaniard was on the verge of relegation, and the Vietnamese media "zingnews" also reported on Wu Lei. The article "Chinese forward criticized for missing scoring opportunities" stated that as a top Chinese player, Wu Lei contributed an incredible mistake.

According to the article, in addition to Wu Lei’s unfortunate goal in the 89th minute, Wu Lei’s performance was also somewhat slippery. , The team missed a key point and is currently at the bottom of the league. When the rest of the opponents feel uncomfortable, Wu Lei and his teammates face the risk of relegation. In the next round, the Spaniard will play against Real Madrid in La Liga at home.

Vietnamese netizens also leave comments and comments, some of them praise Wu Lei and others complain about Wu Lei, but overall In terms of comments, Vietnamese netizens’ comments are still very rational:

"I don’t like China, but the goalkeeper made a save. , Really great"

"Wu Lei is the Spanish player with the most goals"

One of the netizens commented: "The story is over. Hiring a Chinese forward must be demoted." This message also received more than 60 stigma, and even some Vietnamese fans opposed the netizen’s remarks, speaking for Wu Lei:

"Thanks to Wu Lei, the Spaniard participated in the Europa League game"

"Wu Lei is the player with the most points scored by the Spaniard. This is more important than all other players. He plays very similarly. Vietnamese players, this is a top star in Asia."


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