Wu Lei's first release will set the universe? Multi-information and multi-dimensional focus on Valencia vs Spaniards! _ competition

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Original title: Is Wu Lei's first release to set the universe? Multi-information and multi-dimensional focus on Valencia vs Spaniards!

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Here is the secret report of the match between Valencia and Spaniard~~


Valencia has been unbeaten in the last 6 games

Valencia has been unbeaten in the last 6 games with 3 wins and 3 draws in all competitions. The Central European League Cup away 2 0 Lectra Celtics have the upper hand. Valencia has 2 wins and 3 draws in the past 5 league rounds. In the last 2 rounds, it has drew Barcelona and Real Sociedad. It currently ranks in the middle with 31 points and is only 4 points away from the European qualification zone.

The Spaniard has lost nearly 7 away games.

In the last two rounds, the Spaniard first drew 2-2 away with Villarreal in the last two rounds. It was against Vallecano 2-1 at home, sweeping away the previous three-game losing streak, and in the last two rounds, he finally scored points after falling behind. At present, the Spaniard has 28 points, but the advantage of leading the relegation zone is nothing. 5 points. The Spaniard’s away record is extremely sluggish. So far this season, 12 away games have only won 1 game (1 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses), and nearly 7 away games are hard to find (2 draws and 5 losses).


Valencia’s recent 6 matches and 5 victories

The two teams have played against each other in the league nearly 6 times. Barron West Asia has an advantage with 5 wins and 1 loss, but for the first time this season, the Bats lost 0-2 away. Valencia has scored 9 wins and 1 tie at home against the Spaniards nearly 10 times. The last time they lost at home to their opponents was back in October 2007, when they lost 1-2.

Offensive and defensive

Valencia’s attacking power is third from the bottom

Valencia scored 24 goals and lost 20 goals, attacking power Tied for 3rd from the bottom, but averaged 13.8 shots per game (6th in the league). The goal conversion rate is low. Fortunately, the Bat Corps' defense is very stable, only conceding more goals than Atletico Madrid.

The Spaniard has the fourth most conceded goals

The Spaniard scored 27 goals and conceded 37 goals. His attacking power ranks only in the middle, but he has conceded goals. The fourth-most team and have conceded the ball in the last 5 rounds. The Spaniard's offense mainly relies on the top scorer Iglesias (10 goals in 23 games), who personally contributed 37% of the team's goals.

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Valencia 3 main players are absent

Valencia 3 main players are absent due to injury, respectively It is right back Piccini (1 goal in 17 games), central defender Paulista (19 games) and forward Rodrigo (4 goals in 21 games). The main goalkeeper Neto (22 games) has a non-displacement fracture in his finger. Whether he can play is subject to inspection before the game. The rotation center defender Diahabi (12 games with 2 goals) is suspended and absent.


Wu Lei is once again selected for the Spanish squad

The Spaniard announced the roster for this game before the game. Wu Lei was selected again, and according to the prediction of Western media, Wu Lei is expected to start the game as a left forward. Goalkeepers: Roberto Jimenez, Diego Lopez; Defenders: Rosales, David Lopez, Harvey Lopez, ElMosso, Uis, Pedrosa; Midfielders: Alfa Semedo, Victor Sanchez, Daddell, Melendo, Roca, Granero; Forwards: Borja Iglesias , Ferreira, Puado, Wu Lei.

Head coach

Ruby: I hope Wu Lei will play more games

The Spaniard coach Ruby said at a press conference before the game: "Valencia is a strong team, and their recent form is also very good. The game will be very difficult, but we are in The goal of the Mestalla Stadium is to win.” When talking about Wu Lei, Ruby said that signing Wu Lei is because he wants him to play a lot of games.

Off the court

Valencia intends to introduce old Real Madrid players

According to Spanish media reports, Valencia intends to Liarreal buys out the left forward Cherishev (2 goals in 17 games), and the Bats will pay the submarine a transfer fee of 7 million euros.

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