Real Madrid VS Espanyol preview: Wu Lei is a guest at Bernabéu, Hazard is absent

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Netease Sports reported on December 6:

At 20 o'clock in the evening on December 7, Beijing time, in the 16th round of La Liga, Real Madrid will play at the Bernabeu at home against the Spaniard played by Chinese player Wu Lei. The game will attract the attention of many Chinese fans.

Battle record:

Real Madrid and Spaniard are in In the history of La Liga, there were a total of 170 encounters in the past. Real Madrid had 102 wins, 33 draws and 35 losses, scoring 376 goals and losing 192 goals, occupying a clear advantage.

Highlight 1: Real Madrid injured several generals in a row

This week, Real Madrid announced the injuries of three players in a row, Hazard’s right leg fibula There is a slight crack, Marcelo’s left leg soleus muscle is injured, Bell’s left thigh muscle is edema, plus Asensio, Vazquez, Ronaldo and other injured players, how much Real Madrid will play in this game The person was absent due to injury. According to "Aspen" statistics, starting from the summer training camp this season, Real Madrid has suffered 26 injuries within 5 months. In addition, Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro will be suspended if he takes another yellow card, and then Real Madrid's opponents are Valencia and Barcelona, ​​coach Zidane also needs to consider Casemiro's rotation.

Highlight 2: Wu Lei's first match against Real Madrid

Last season La Liga Espanyol away 0-1 (September 22, 2018), home 2-4 (January 27, 2019) lost to Real Madrid twice, and Chinese men’s football international forward Wu Lei officially signed with the Spaniard the day after losing to Real Madrid at home, so this game is Wu Lei’s first representative The Spaniard played against Real Madrid. This season Wu Lei has scored 2 goals in the Europa League, and the Spaniard has also qualified for the group ahead of schedule and can concentrate on the league. Recently, Wu Lei's recovery has been re-used by coach Ma Qin. In the 14th round of La Liga, Wu Lei scored his first La Liga goal of the season. In the 15th round of La Liga, Wu Lei won another penalty. Wu Lei is expected to continue his debut.

Highlight 3: The Spaniard has not won Real Madrid away in 24 years

Real Madrid currently has 31 points in La Liga and the leader Barcelona, ​​in the Champions League group The game has also qualified ahead of schedule, and it can be said that it has come out of the trough in the beginning of the season. In contrast, the Spaniard has performed poorly in the league this season, with 2 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses with only 9 points, ranking second in the La Liga standings. It is worth mentioning that the last time the Spaniard beat Real Madrid at the Bernabéu Stadium was 24 years ago, when the Spaniard defeated Real Madrid 2-1 away. If the Spaniard can score points in this game, it will help improve the morale of the team, but if the Spaniard loses again, they may even fall to the bottom of the standings, and the relegation situation will become more severe.

Predicted starting:

Real Madrid starting 433: Courtois/Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Mendy/Barr Wade, Casemiro, Cross/Rodrigo, Benzema, Isco

Spaniards starting 442: Diego-Lopez/Callero, Bernardo, David -Lopez, Gomez/Rocca, Granero, Dadel, Pedrosa/Wulei, Camposano

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