Belgian national team doctor is upset about Hazard's chronic injury

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A man who works with this winger in the national team is increasingly worried about his health at the Bernabeu

Sports Information Promotion Network reported on February 5th:

Eden Hazard’s "chronic" injury problem plagued the Belgian national team doctor. He said this A Real Madrid star caught in a "vicious circle."

Earlier this week, Hazard was diagnosed with a muscle problem, which seems to prevent him from playing for a month, which means he will miss the Zidane team A crucial game.

Since his transfer from Chelsea to Santiago Bernabéu for £80 million (US$109 million) in the summer of 2019, the winger has been plagued by injuries. This is his ninth time in Madrid. Forced truce.

Therefore, the 30-year-old player did not live up to his high price, scoring only 4 goals in 35 appearances in all competitions.

After defeating Alaves 4-1 on January 23, Hazard seems to be regaining his best form, but it turns out that this performance is a false dawn, and now some people think His golden age has passed.

Christopher Sass worked with the former Chelsea star in the national team. He admitted that he was worried that he became so vulnerable during his time in Spain, especially as this evening The European Championship is coming soon.

Sass told Newsblad: "We are waiting for details and more information, but it is clear that this is very worrying."

"This stage of the season His injury is not worrying for the European Cup, even a break, but it is different for Eden.

"This is another relapse, a chronic situation. , In the end there are always problems. First the ankle, then the muscle injury. All this is very unpleasant. "

The Belgian doctor added: "Eden is in a vicious circle and it is not easy to get rid of it. This will affect his muscle tissue. "

"A football player must be able to kick, turn, and jump at high speed." Of course, this will be more difficult during recovery. "

"He needs speed and continuity. The current situation is not very serious for us, but we must get out of this dead end as soon as possible." "

In Madrid's upcoming matches against Huesca, Getafe and Valencia, but if he recovers well, he may play against Real Valladolid on February 20 Come back in.


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