[Battle every day] 1st basketball separation: La Liga 7 matches tonight, Real Madrid revenge Valencia _ Index

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Original title: [Taking the ball every day] 1st basketball separation: 7 matches in La Liga tonight, Real Madrid revenges Valencia

There are plenty of basketball games on Sunday. Today, there are a total of 6 mid-professional basketball matches, led by Liaoning and Beikong in the evening. In La Liga, tonight will end the remaining 7 games of the 8th round, Real Madrid and Barcelona and other giants will play, of which Real Madrid will once again face the bitter owner Valencia. In the morning file, we will share the above-mentioned 9 games index, with an analysis of La Liga 1 game!

[About dispersion] Competitive sports analysis index, that is, the degree of divergence of various European indexes. Basic principle: Baijiaou refers to the sum of the absolute value of the difference between the average value and each index. If the dispersion is small, the opinions of each team are close, and the result is easy to play; if the dispersion is large, the opinions are large, and the result is not easy to play. In addition, due to the changes in the index due to various factors, the discrete has a higher reference value at special moments, so do not use it blindly. In other words, the dispersion is only a reference index, not conclusive data! The following is a summary of the data of each field (data interception 14:00):

Sunday 305 La Liga Real Madrid vs Valencia

Handicap point of view: Handicap wins away (+3.5)

Real Madrid was quite disappointed in the season, despite the Champions League rankings Second place, but missed the title due to the suspension. In La Liga, the team's points match was suppressed by Barcelona. In the rematch restarted in June, the team could not even break through the group, let alone defend the league. The state of Real Madrid in the new season is still erratic, the team's La Liga and the Champions League are two days of ice and fire. In the Champions League, Real Madrid only achieved 2 wins and 4 losses in the first 6 rounds, which is completely inconsistent with the Champions League 10 crown status. However, in La Liga, Real Madrid has performed perfectly this season. So far, they have maintained a complete victory in 7 games, averaging 89.4-71.6 points per game, and their offensive and defensive performance is impeccable. After Real Madrid's midweek Champions League victory over Bayern, all competitions have won three consecutive victories, and the state has gradually returned to normal levels.

Valencia last season recorded 12 wins and 11 losses in La Liga, and barely advanced to the rematch in June. In the rematch, Valencia defeated Real Madrid in the group stage, but failed in the semifinals. The enemy's ultimate champion Shasaki was out. This season, Valencia continues to play in two lines. In the Champions League, the team performed 3 wins and 2 losses in the first 6 games. In La Liga, the team has 4 wins and 3 losses in the first 7 games, and the overall performance is equally stable. In the mid-week Champions League, Valencia expedition to Moscow, and finally lost to CSKA by a large score, ending the recent three-game winning streak. At home, the team has already lost to Malaga and Barcelona. The overall combat effectiveness at home is not stable.

The two sides have already played in the Champions League this season. Valencia defeated Real Madrid as a guest. Last season, the La Liga regular season and the semi-final played against Real Madrid twice. In the last 10 clashes, Real Madrid has an overwhelming advantage of 9 wins and 1 loss. They have won 6 games against Valencia in the past 10 times. Among them, they have won smoothly in the last 3 visits. In this game, the relative advantage is still on the side of Real Madrid, with an instant win-loss index of 1.63-2.27. The handicap is played to 3.5 points and the median handicap is reasonable. He is still confident in the fight against Real Madrid. The dispersion index has also returned to the right path. The passenger win index is at a stable mid-low position at 5.20, and the main victory index is also in a reasonable median range. The index has obvious support for the right path. From a comprehensive analysis point of view, this game is optimistic about Real Madrid's handicap victory and successful revenge.

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