"Focus" Bundesliga is not addictive? The strongest league outside the NBA restarts tonight

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As early as late at night on June 6th, Beijing time, the German Basketball League (BBL) officially started, and they are also all European The first league to restart. However, BBL does not have too many popular superstars, the quality of the game is not satisfactory, and the attention is obviously not enough. Fortunately, ACB, the strongest outside of the NBA, will restart at 9:30 tonight, and fans have a new choice.

Compared with the Bundesliga, the semi-finals of La Liga are even more difficult. The league announced its suspension as early as March 16. The domestic epidemic was once very serious, and the number of infected people ranked second in the world after the United States, but now the epidemic in Spain has improved, and the total number of confirmed cases has dropped to sixth in the world. . Under such circumstances, it is reasonable to restart La Liga.

In fact, nearly a month ago, La Liga was already planning a rematch, and they decided to release the rest of the season. In Valencia, all games are empty. Compared with other cities in Spain, the epidemic in Valencia is relatively mild, and there are enough hotels to accommodate the teams and staff participating in the rematch. More importantly, there are enough training and competition venues. The 12 teams participating in the rematch can not only use the Valencia Club’s La Fonte Tower Stadium, but also the local Alqueria Training Center. This training center has 8 professional arenas, and there are 4 other fields that can be used by the semi-final team.

In order to be able to successfully determine the championship of this season, La Liga directly adopted the game system. Before the suspension, the teams ranked in the top 12 in the league were divided into A, There are two groups in B, with 6 teams in each group. Each team will compete in a single round-robin competition in the group. The top two of the group will form the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be crossed and the winner will compete for the championship. The semi-finals and finals will adopt an exciting single-game elimination system. According to the plan, a total of 33 games will be played within two weeks, and the final date will be June 30, local time.

The grouping situation of La Liga semi-finals is as follows:

A Group: Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Bilbao, Basquenia, Unicaha, Yoventut

Group B: Real Madrid, Saskatchewan Lagoza, Andorra River, Valencia, San Palo Bucos, Gran Canaria

After the restart of La Liga, the focus remains In the two giants of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Before the suspension of the league, these two superpower teams could be described as one of the best. Barcelona led the La Liga record with 19 wins and 4 losses, followed by Real Madrid with 18 wins and 5 losses. The lead is very obvious. Compared with them, the competitiveness of other teams is obviously insufficient, and it is almost the role of accompany the prince to study.

Accordingly, Gran Canaria and Basqueni, who also participated in the Champions League last season, Asia has a chance to pose a threat to them. However, the former has suffered a serious loss of players this season, which has led to a sharp drop in strength. The latter’s star Senglia has been poached by European powerhouse CSKA Moscow. Although he will not report until the end of the season, but It is likely to be unwilling to fight. In other words, this rematch is very likely to be a duo between Barcelona and Real Madrid, who are also the biggest favorites for La Liga titles this season.

However, considering the reason of the competition system, Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet early in the semi-finals as long as they are not careful. This is obviously not what the fans of both sides want to see, but No matter what stage they meet, theyThe showdown is that Mars hits the earth. This season, Barca waved the checkbook, and successively managed Mirotic, Abrines and former CSKA core player Higgins, while Real Madrid still maintains Yoi, Campazzo, Fernandez, and LaProvitola. Such a luxurious lineup, such a star-studded game is a visual feast for all fans.

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