Reggie Long: I have special feelings for Real Madrid; Luca and I

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Tottenham player Reggie Ron talked about some topics about Real Madrid, Tottenham and the Spanish national team in an interview with El Transistor. He said: "I have special feelings for Real Madrid; I have a relationship with Luca Zidane. Very good."

Spain National Team

In the Spanish national team, I often talk to Ramos , Llorente, Kepa, Inigo Martinez and Morata together. I am getting more and more integrated here. The left-back position of the national team is very competitive, which is why I cherish the chance to be selected very much, because it is difficult to get here, but I hope I can stay here for a longer time. "


"In Seville, I won important championships with the team. I will always remember these. This club is in my heart. "

Real Madrid

"Real Madrid gave me everything, and I will always have a special affection for Real Madrid." "


"Solari is a very important person in my career. He gave me the opportunity to play in the first team of Castilla and Real Madrid. "

Criticisms about Marcelo

"The players are always exposed to these things. "

Leaving Real Madrid

"I did not stay in Real Madrid because these things are not my decision. I am very calm inside and I am not depressed by these things. I didn't talk to Zidane about this either. "

Relationship with Luca Zidane

"I get along well with Luca Zidane. We have no problems. We get along well and keep in touch all the time. It is completely wrong to say that I have a bad relationship with him. "

Europa League and Real Madrid

"Meet Real Madrid in the Europa League? Hush, hush, this would be a very bad sign. Real Madrid will get back on track in the Champions League. "


"He is a great man and has won a lot of things. He surprised me, he has many beautiful things. ”


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