Real Madrid's third jersey exposed next season, the red color looks exactly like the Spanish national team

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Tencent Sports News March 15th, Beijing time, the jersey website Footy Headline revealed today the third jersey of Real Madrid in the 2018-19 season. This version of the jersey has a positive red color and a team logo. Appears in the middle of the chest.

As a symbol of Spain, Real Madrid’s new jersey adopts the same color tone as the national team

Judging from the photos disclosed on this jersey website, next season, Real Madrid’s third jersey will be red, which is the same color as the Spanish national team’s jersey, on both sides of the shoulders. It is a white striped pattern. The difference from the previous one is that on this jersey, Real Madrid's team logo came to the center instead of the left side.

Real Madrid wore a red jersey once, and it dates back to the 2011-12 season, when Mourinho led the team to win the La Liga championship with 100 points. At that time, Ronaldo scored 46 in La Liga. The ball, 12 assists, played perfectly. I don't know whether choosing the red jersey this time will bring good luck to Real Madrid.

The Footy Headline website also exposed the red long-sleeved jacket for Real Madrid next season. This jersey is also red and will be used when the team goes to the stadium to concentrate and train.



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