Real Madrid VS Sevilla preview: Real Madrid vowed revenge with the strongest lineup

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NetEase Watching Guide 【More La Liga News】 ·Game information: La Liga round 24 ·Both sides: Real Madrid VS Sevilla ·Game time: March 7th 5:00 ·Venue: Bernabéu Stadium · Live TV: Hong Kong NOW Broadband 634, Super Sports 3 ·Web Live:
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NetEase Sports reported on March 6:

At 5:00 am on March 7th, Beijing time, the 25th round of La Liga will be played at the Bernabéu Stadium. Real Madrid will play against Sevilla at home. The next 5 days will be very critical for the Galaxy Fleet. After Seville, Pellegrini’s team will face Lyon in the Champions League life and death battle again in the middle of the week. Both games are tough, and the Galaxy Corps will not lose. rise.

Historical confrontation:Real Madrid have the upper hand

Real Madrid have recently won 6 consecutive league victories and have maintained their victories at the Bernabéu Stadium so far this season. Seville has scored 2 wins and 1 tie in the past three rounds, but only two draws in the past two games (including the Champions League). The two sides have faced 131 matches in league history, with Real Madrid winning 66 wins, 26 draws and 39 losses, with 46 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses at home. The two teams faced off in the first leg of the season. Sevilla beat Real Madrid 2-1 at the Pisjuan Stadium, Navas came first, Pepe once equalized, but Renato scored Real Madrid's first defeat of the season.

Guti comeback Benzema is still sidelined

Guti, the midfielder who had been absent for a long time, finally returned from injury, and Abeloa, who was suspended in the last round, returned. Benzema and Drenthe are still missing due to injury, and the Galaxy warship with the "Golden Wolf" is definitely worth looking forward to. Guti once became the key man in Pellegrini's team with his excellent performance, but repeated injuries kept him away from the game. If nothing happens, "Golden Wolf" is expected to debut this round.

Abeloa, who was banned in the last round, will return. The return of the Spanish international will definitely serve as the starter. Benzema is still recuperating due to a groin injury, while Drenthe has to continue the truce due to a muscle injury. Even so, Real Madrid can still send the strongest lineup, especially Guti's return to make people look forward to.

Pei Shuai:Vengeance

Since Pellegrini took over Real Madrid, his first defeat was at the Pisjuan Stadium in Seville, so this game is a battle of revenge against the Chileans. At the press conference before the game, Pei Shuai first expressed his determination to revenge: "Sevilla is the strongest team in the Bernabeu so far. They defeated us at home in the first round of the match. I I hope Real Madrid can return to the Bernabeu."

Real Madrid is currently only 2 points behind Barcelona, ​​and the two giants have a chance. The Chilean said: "The league has 14 rounds left and 42 points are waiting for us to fight for. As long as there is a theoretical opportunity, we Never give up. Real Madrid must beat Sevilla this round and then beat Lyon in the Champions League."

The midfielder Guti, who has been absent for a long time, finally returned from injury this round. "Golden Wolf" once became the key player in Pellegrini's line with his excellent performance, but he suffered repeated injuries. The illness kept him away from the game continuously. Real Madrid’s deputy captain is ready to play. Guti said: “Before the life and death battle with Lyon, the victory over Seville is very important. Now, my groin has healed and it has been a long truce, but it hasn’t grown. It made me lose my enthusiasm for football. I can’t wait to return to the green field."

Both parties are expected to start:

Real Madrid (442): Casillas/Ramos, Albiol, Gare, Marcelo/Guti, Alonso, L Diarra, Kaka/Higuain, Ronaldo

Seville (442): Pallop/Adriano, Dragutinovic, Stanco Repairs, F Navarro/Navas, Zocora, Renato, Pere Rorty/Canute, Negredo


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