Real Madrid VS Villarreal, can Zidane lead his team to defeat the submarine?

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Real Madrid lost the game in disgrace by scoring 4 goals by Valencia in the last round. Under the adjustment of the international match day, can Zidane lead Real Madrid to regain confidence and defeat Villarreal this time? ?

When Real Madrid was on the international match day, most of the players of the entire team were recalled by their respective national teams, Ramos Following the humiliating loss to Valencia in the handball game, returning to the national team was another game with two penalty kicks that failed to score. Ramos has been a big hit in the media recently.

The current team lineup is still incomplete. Hazard was injured and failed to return. Ramos and Kroos are from the country The team has just returned, and there is a question mark on the status and physical strength, and Casemiro is also in the ranks of injuries. Rodrigo and Benzema can still be used as a stable starter to attack the opponent's defense in the forward line. Jovic and Rodrigo are waiting on the bench for Zidane's call at any time. Especially Jovic, he scored twice in the UEFA Europa League match for Serbia on International Match Day. Zidane can bet on Jovic.

Now Real Madrid’s problem is not on offense. Offensively, they do not lack talented players. These players can even rely on their Talent to make goals. Their current crux is on the defensive end. The defensive end Varane and Ramos have just returned from the national team, and these two players are currently the absolute mainstays of Real Madrid. I believe the fact that the guards sent points in the last game was accidental, and it should not happen again in this round of La Liga.

Zidane resigned and returned to the team after winning the tenth Champions League for Real Madrid. His coaching ability and the team Real Madrid's ability to control the locker room is obvious to all, but after Ronaldo left, they lacked a stable mental player and a stable goal point on the offensive end. I believe this round against Villarreal Real Madrid can still take away three points.

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