Wednesday Champions League 014 Leverkusen VS Juventus 015 Bruges VS Real Madrid _ matches

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Original title: Wednesday Champions League 014 Leverkusen VS Juventus 015 Bruges VS Real Madrid

Leverkusen VS Juventus


Advantages: Leverkusen’s recent games are half of the best, nearly 20 games each There is a ball in the first half of 17 games, and the probability is 85%. Since Leverkusen won Atletico Madrid 2-1 at home, their morale and confidence have risen sharply. In the past six races, they have 5 wins and 1 draw and are unbeaten in a row. Moreover, they were also upset to win Bayern 2-1 as a guest. The more they played, the better.

Disadvantages: Leverkusen has recently had a lot of home games with draws. Nearly 20 home games have been tied in 7 games, playing more conservatively than away. Leverkusen's overall performance on the defensive end is not outstanding, only 6 of the last 28 games without conceding a goal, 1 of which is still 0-0.


Advantages: Juventus has a very stable offensive performance, the team has nearly 37 games in all competitions There were only three missed passes, one of which was still 0-0. There are many strong teams among the opponents, who have strong key ball ability. Juventus has a good ability to make big goals in the second half of the away game. In 17 games of nearly 20 away games, there is a ball in the second half, with a probability of 85%.

Disadvantages: Wen's recent performance has declined. After being tied 2-2 at home by Sassuolo, he lost to Lazio 1-3 as a guest in the last round. He suffered his first defeat of the season and his state became sluggish. Juventus' recent away games have been poorly defensive. Only 5 of the nearly 20 away games have not conceded a goal, of which 1 is still 0-0.

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The result of this match: main loss

Bruges VS Real Madrid


Advantages: Bruges has recently played a semi-active game, with the ball in the first half of 18 games in nearly 20 games, with a probability of 90%. Bruges' recent games have not badly won or lost goals. There are at least 2 goals in 16 of the last 20 games, and the probability is 80%. However, there are a lot of 2 goals, of which only 9 games are 2.5 goals.

Disadvantages: Bruges have had frequent draws in the recent Champions League matches. Since 2018, the team has scored 7 draws in the last 15 Champions League matches, which is much more conservative than the league. Bruges' performance in the Champions League in recent years has been relatively average. Since 2012, the team's best results have stopped in the group stage, and the promotion ability is not strong; and the performance in the group stage is also weak. The group has not yet had this season. The first win has been out early. Bruges' performance on the offensive end in the European war is still biased. Since 2017, the team has scored a goal in 7 of the last 17 Champions League matches, which is much worse than the popularity of the domestic league. This needs to be paid attention to.

Real Madrid

Advantages: Real Madrid’s recent defensive efficiency is extremely high, with 6 out of the last 9 games Achieving zero seals, there is no shortage of powerful teams among the opponents. Real Madrid's recent games have increased the ball significantly, with at least 2 goals in the last 6 matches, of which 5 were 2.5 goals, and the big goals became active.

Disadvantages: Real Madrid's away performance this season is much worse than at home. Since the start of all competitions, the number of losses has only been on the away field. Before that, the league lost upset to Mallorca in the away field.

The result of this game: tie.

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