Serbian star Jovic transfers to Real Madrid for 60 million euros, returns home to prepare for the European Youth Championship

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Real Madrid signed Jovic. What he fancyed was his similar style of playing with Ronaldo, with balanced left and right foot techniques, strong technical control of the shooting link, and the ability to retreat and connect in series. It is almost the King of Portugal in Real Madrid. A replica of the period, which means that in the new season Jovic is expected to have a good chemical reaction with Benzema. The latter is the best striker partner of Ronaldo in Real Madrid. Jovic, Hazard and Benzema’s The new Trident will be the focus of the world's attention next season.

It is worth mentioning that after his appearance at the Bernabeu, Jovic returned to Serbia to join the National Youth Team to prepare for the battle. With the baptism of the World Cup and a bright season in the Bundesliga, Jovic will be the well-deserved core of this Serbian national youth team. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, Yugoslavia football continued to emerge as superstars. In the U20 age group at the time, Yugoslavia was very rich. The team in the 1987 World Youth Championship gathered Su Ke, Boban, Mijatović, Prosinecki and other world-famous superstars Yugoslavia won the final championship, but the subsequent drastic changes in Eastern Europe made this new force expected to aspire in the 1994 World Cup. Falling apart. After years of rest and recuperation, the Serbian youth team once again won the World Youth Championship in 2015. At that time, the team owned the Lazio midfielder Milinkovic, who is now nicknamed "White Pogba". Four years later, this team The Balkans, with a scorer worth 60 million Euros from Real Madrid, will once again set off for the championship. It is hoped that Jovic can play the level of last season and become another football superstar who has come out of the World Youth Championship.

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