Real Madrid and Barcelona compete for the Serbian striker at high prices, Barcelona depends on Messi's face! _ Luka Jovic

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Original title: Real Madrid and Barcelona compete for the Serbian striker at a high price, Barcelona depends on Messi’s face!

Recently, foreign media broke the news that the two giants of Barcelona and Real Madrid hope to sign the same star, but Barcelona is worried that Messi is unhappy because the opponent's bid is too high.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​two giant clubs, have been chasing the common goal of Luka Jovic of Frankfurt. The Serbia international, who is currently enjoying a sensational season in the Bundesliga, has helped Frankfurt finish fourth and made them a contender for the Champions League qualification.

The Barcelona club is looking to replace the 32-year-old Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan international is still able to score on the striker A fierce player, but even Suarez himself admits that Barcelona needs a substitute player and Jovic meets this requirement. After a great season in the Bundesliga club, he aroused Barcelona's interest.

At the same time, Real Madrid is also preparing to introduce a striker who can continue to score goals. Although Karim Benzema has performed well, he needs support and can never complete all offensive tasks alone. Therefore, Jovic and Icardi, Mbappe, Kane and other forwards were added to Real Madrid's signings list.

Jovic himself is eager to move to Real Madrid, because Messi is in Barcelona, ​​which may limit his playing time. The Serb does not want to spend too much time on the bench. In addition, this situation is very likely to happen, that is, the Barcelona captain prefers to play with Suarez in every game

Not only that, if Jovic transfers to Real Madrid, the Frankfurt club will get The transfer fee of 65 million euros was 5 million euros higher than that paid by Barcelona. In addition, Jovic will receive 8 million euros in income from Real Madrid, compared to his annual income of 6.5 million euros in Barcelona.

Although La Liga teams are considered to have a great chance of signing the striker, other European giants such as Dortmund, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are also watching his progress. So far this season, Jovic has scored 23 goals in all 37 games.

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