La Liga Live: Real Madrid VS Sevilla Real Madrid took the opportunity to top La Liga!

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The La Liga championship battle is really "thrilling twists and turns"! In the end of the Barcelona and Atletico Madrid match La Liga Real Madrid vs. Sevilla, the two teams finally shook hands and made a tie. La Liga becomes 0:0. Then Real Madrid's opportunity comes. If you win the game tonight and take Severi's situation in Asia, then Real Madrid will successfully climb to the top of La Liga, and at the same time, the final La Liga champion is also in Real Madrid's pocket.

In today’s La Liga round 35, La Liga Real Madrid vs. Sevilla, Real Madrid Hosted against Seville at home, led by former coach Lopetegui. However, considering that Lopetegui cannot direct the game on the spot, this will have a certain impact on the team's on-site changes. Real Madrid currently ranks third in La Liga, with a record of 22 wins, 8 draws and 4 losses, 58 goals, 24 goals conceded, and 74 points. From the data point of view, Real Madrid's defensive ability is very good. The league conceded only 2 goals higher than the first Atletico Madrid (Atletico Madrid has conceded 22 goals). Although the offense is not as strong as Barcelona, ​​it is not weak, and it can be considered upstream in the league. It is very important for Real Madrid to score this crucial 3 points and get to the top of La Liga.

Sevilla also performed well this season and successfully entered the first echelon of La Liga, although still ranked fourth,

More exciting here, click to view details: La Liga, but 14 points ahead of the team behind, very close to the top three of the old La Liga. Sevilla is temporarily fourth with a record of 22 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses, scoring 49 goals, conceding 27 goals, and totaling 70 points. The same defensive ability is also very good, comparable to Real Madrid, but the offensive ability and frontcourt ability are slightly inferior to Real Madrid, but Enesri has become an important figure in the team this season and has scored so far. With 23 goals, he ranks fifth in the La Liga scorer list.

Summary: Although Real Madrid is full of fighting spirit and eager to reach the top of La Liga, the strength of Sevilla cannot be underestimated. This game is optimistic about Real Madrid's small score advantage, victory and success. To the top. Return to Sohu to see more


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