La Liga’s focus tonight! Real Madrid fight Sevilla! Ramos Marcelo returns to stabilize the defense! _ This season

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Original title: La Liga’s focus tonight! Real Madrid fight Sevilla! Ramos Marcelo returns to stabilize the defense!

At 3 o'clock in the morning Beijing time tomorrow (September 23), La Liga’s Real Madrid team re-launched and played away against Sevilla to strive for two consecutive league victories. However, the state and morale of Real Madrid have been relatively poor recently. Sevilla has performed well this season, and it is also difficult for Real Madrid to grab 3 points away.

Last week, Real Madrid defeated at the feet of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League away game. The offensive shot was zero in the frame, and the defense line lost 3 in a row. Ball, its defensive performance has been criticized. Counting the warm-up match before last season, Real Madrid's record can only be considered average, and many newcomers, including Hazard, Jovic, Mendy, Militang, etc., did not perform as expected. Although Bell and Rodriguez, who stayed in the team this summer, played ballots, Benzema's performance was also unstable, and Real Madrid's offensive power was not sharp enough. The defensive line has also conceded a lot of goals this season. So far, no one has kept his innocence since the start of the game. Among them, the performance of goalkeeper Courtois has also been criticized. Fortunately, Captain Ramos and Marcelo are expected to come back, perhaps adding confidence to the defense. However, Sevilla has performed well this season and it is not easy for Real Madrid to grab points away.

After Real Madrid goalkeeper Courtois transferred to La Liga, he has not been able to regain his level at Chelsea. Since February, every game has been conceded, and the last UEFA Champions League was called the sinner of losing. Courtois himself refuted this, thinking that conceding a goal is not only the responsibility of the goalkeeper: "I think the team needs 11 people on the court to attack and defend together. Everyone must do their own defensive tasks. As a goalkeeper, losing is the responsibility of the goalkeeper. The ball is of course uncomfortable, but everything on the court must be viewed as a whole. It is unfair to blame the goalkeeper for the responsibility of losing the ball."

Sevilla Ben Outstanding performance in the season, achieved 4 games, 3 wins and 1 tie unbeaten record, overwhelming Atletico and ranked first. This battle was against Real Madrid. The Sevilla coach Lopetegui, who once coached Real Madrid, was quickly dismissed by Real Madrid because of his poor record last season. This battle is undoubtedly his revenge. In addition, in the Sevilla lineup there are Hernandez, who used to play for Real Madrid, and Reggie Ron, who has been loaned to join this season, there are several anti-water players in the Sevilla lineup. The strikers such as Hernandez and Munir have done well in recent games. Comte, Escudero and goalkeeper Václik also played well in the defense. Sevilla is at home. A strong attack, at least the ability to keep points.

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