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With the end of this week's International Football Match Day, European football in September will soon usher in a number of strong matches worth looking forward to. From the five major leagues to the Champions League, the following ten games must not be missed by fans.

Manchester United VS Manchester City (19:30, September 10, Beijing time)

The much-anticipated "Mugua Showdown" is about to start this weekend, and the "Dream Theater" Old Trafford will also usher in the most important contest so far this season. The two teams are both rivals in the same city and are currently leading the Premier League with a complete victory, so the significance of this round of duel is self-evident. Nowadays, Manchester United is getting better under Mourinho's training; for "Blue Moon", Aguero's absence is undoubtedly a big blow, and the balance of victory seems to be slowly tilting towards the Red Devils.

Grand Paris VS Arsenal (02:45, September 14th, Beijing time)

As the opening match of the Champions League group stage, the collision between Paris and Arsenal is highly anticipated. In recent years, although the two teams are regulars in the top 16 of the Champions League, they have stopped the knockout stage year after year. If the two teams want to go further, they need to ensure that they join hands to qualify first. This game is the Spanish demon coach Emery led the Paris Champions League debut, his direct fight with Arsenal coach Wenger is a major highlight of this game. At the same time, the newly appointed Spanish striker Lucas Perez is also likely to usher in his Champions League debut, when he will join Cazorla, Bellerin and Jose Rodriguez. Many Spanish players worked together to make this game full of the flavor of the Spanish Civil War.

Juventus VS Sevilla (02:45, September 15th, Beijing time)

Although Pogba and Morata were sent away, the Bianconeri have received support from Higuain, Alves, Pjanic and Benatia this summer, and their strength is still not to be underestimated. watch for. Similarly, Sevilla has also undergone a major change of blood this summer, including Nasri, Ganso, Vietto, Vazquez, Sarabia and Japanese star Hirotsuki Kiyota all joined, solely for the performance of these new players. , This game will certainly not lack of highlights. What's more, the Sevilla president spoke before the game. This season, they are definitely not fighting for the fourth consecutive Europa League championship for the third in the group, because they want to go better in the Champions League than the Europa League. Far.

Chelsea VS Liverpool (03:00, September 17, Beijing time)

As neither team can participate in the European game this season, the long-awaited "Red and Blue War" was scheduled to be held on Friday night in England local time. Blues coach Conte will usher in the biggest test since the Premier League coaching. It is also to lead the team to rebuild its past glory. His fighting style with Klopp has attracted much attention.

Inter Milan VS Juventus (September 19, 00:00 Beijing time)

Although the attention of "Italian National Derby" has been deteriorating due to the decline of Inter Milan and the dominance of Juventus in recent years, with the entry of the Chinese consortium, Inter Milan has gained a lot in the transfer market this summer. Give them absolute strength to challenge the "old woman" again. In the Inter Milan team, whether it is Icardi, Miranda orIt is Perisic who has experienced the power of the "old woman", and the new aid Banega, Joao Mario, Barbosa and even the new coach Frank De Boer have given Inter Milan fans the hope of winning. .

Sevilla VS Real Betis (04:00 on September 21, Beijing time)

"Sevilla Derby" may be the weakest overall contest in these ten games, but it must also be the fiercest matchup. In the eyes of Seville people, there are only two colors of football: red or green. And the people of Seville will proudly tell you that the real "Spanish Derby" is not the confrontation between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but the confrontation between Seville and Betis. Whenever the Derby comes, the whole city of Seville’s alleys are empty, but the bars on the streets are full of fans. Even those who don’t like football will call friends to enjoy the Derby at this moment. The blood is surging, witnessing the grievances of the two teams from generation to generation.

Barcelona VS Atletico Madrid (04:00 on September 22, Beijing time)

Who is most afraid of Barcelona in the sky-like universe? Jagged Atletico bear the brunt. As the La Liga champion of the 2013-14 season, Atletico Madrid, which had a bad start, will once again visit the Nou Camp to challenge Barcelona, ​​the defending La Liga champion. And this game is also a repeat of last season's Champions League quarter-finals, Barcelona look forward to complete revenge at home.

Manchester United VS Leicester City (19:30, September 24, Beijing time)

In the Community Shield Cup final at the beginning of the season, Manchester United used Ibrahimovic’s 2-1 victory over the new Premier League champion Leicester City. Now the Red Devils have a strong lineup, and Leicester City need to be distracted. The UEFA Champions League in midweek. In this campaign, Ranieri, who is "aspiring to relegation," hopes to get a complete retreat at Old Trafford, and the difficulty of revenge can be imagined.

Dortmund VS Real Madrid (02:45, September 28, Beijing time)

Westfalen, Real Madrid are familiar with this stadium. Lewandowski’s four great excitements performed here are still fresh in my memory, and it also made the Galaxy battleship the tenth in team history. The dream of a Champions League trophy was once stranded. Mourinho's Galaxy battleship against the Hornet, 4 games, 1 win, 1 draw, and 2 losses were at a disadvantage; Ancelotti's Galaxy battleship against the Hornet, 1 win and 1 loss almost suffered a major reversal. Now, when the galactic battleship led by Zidane meets the Hornet again, what kind of spark will the two teams create? In any case, the victory or defeat of this game will determine to a large extent the top name of this group.

Atletico Madrid VS Bayern (02:45, September 29, Beijing time)

This game will be a repeat of last season's Champions League semi-final. Relying on Griezmann's single-handed goal and goalkeeper Oblak's brave performance, Atletico Madrid will be able to rely on away goals to eliminate Bayern and enter the final. In this campaign, Bayern’s coach was replaced by Ancelotti, and it was under his guidance that Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid in the bright night of Lisbon for the tenth crown in the history of the team. This will be Ancelotti’s departure from the Milky Way. For the first time after the battleship, Simeone faced off head-on.


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