The next 6 games will determine the fate of Real Madrid in La Liga

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In the first round of the match between the two sides, Real Madrid defeated Deportivo de La Coruña 3-2 at home by virtue of Ramos.

This time the two teams are fighting again. Injuries on the back line are the biggest hidden danger of the Galaxy battleship. Currently PepeInjury, Ramos suspended, Varane Span> is suspicious. This game will be a big test for the White Coat.

Real Madrid VS Valencia

Spain time April 29 At 16:15 on the afternoon of the day (22:15 on April 29, Beijing time), Real Madrid will return to the Bernabéu to play against Valencia. This game is the 16th round of La Liga which was postponed due to the Club World Cup make-up match.

For the galaxy battleship, this game means a battle of revenge. In the first round of the competition between the two sides, Real Madrid lost 1-2 to Valencia and suffered a defeat. Returning to the Bernabeu this time, the Galaxy battleship must want revenge.

Granada VS Real Madrid

Ushering in the first league game in May, the Galaxy Battleship will challenge Granada away.

It is worth noting that the time of this league is in the two rounds of the Champions League semi-final against Atletico Madrid. According to Zidane in Sporting Gijon VS Real Madrid tactics, Zizou has the opportunity to make a large number of lineup rotations in this game.

Real Madrid VS Seville

Spain time in May On 13/14, after the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, the Galaxy Battleship will play the main scene against La Liga rival Seville.

In the last confrontation between the two sides, Real Madrid was beaten by Seville’s Joveti in the 92nd minute. Qi (Sevilla striker) made a lore, and the original record of 40 unbeaten games was also declared dead. I believe that the White Corps will never let this happen again!

Málaga VS Real Madrid

In the last round of La Liga, Real Madrid is going to the Rose Garden to play against Málaga.

The last time the two teams met, Real Madrid beat Málaga 2-1, Ramos Two assists and goals from Cross have also been achieved "Tony with water"Prestige, this time Can Shui Ye show his power again?

Celta VS Real Madrid

The 21st round of La Liga, which was supposed to be played on February 5th, Spain time (February 6th, Beijing time), Celta VS Real Madrid, was postponed due to bad local weather. The time for the make-up match has not yet been determined. .

At present, Real Madrid and Barcelona have the same points in the league. The biggest advantage is that this has not yet started a make-up match. Therefore, the White Coated Legion is bound to win this game.

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