Getafe’s main central defender is suspended, Huesca has a chance to rebound? Real Madrid wants to beat the top of the list is difficult _ by opponents

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Huesca vs Alaves match time: 12-13 01:30

Huesca's recent situation: Huesca fought against Granada in the last round of away games. In the end, the two teams ended in a 3 to 3 draw and each scored one point. Huesca continued to win this season. Achievements, but getting one point away and scoring 3 goals is also a pretty good result. Currently, he ranks at the bottom with 8 points. The team with the most draws in 8 draws this season can be said to be the master of draws. He has also drew 0-0 at Atletico Madrid before. The defense ability is more stable at home. At present, only 6 goals have been lost at home. Of course, this battle against the recent imposing Alaves does not have much advantage. The past 5 clashes have been defeated in a row, and the mentality has fallen into a disadvantage.

Recent Alaves: Alaves’ recent performance can be described by the word “hot”. Although only 2 victories in the last 6 games, the opponents they faced were extraordinary. They beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the away game, and drew Barcelona and Real Sociedad at home. They are both teams competing for the championship this season. Strong momentum. Among them, only one player was missed in the previous game and he failed to score. The previous five games have scored, and the offensive performance is outstanding. Perez has scored three consecutive games, of course, two of them have been penalized recently, but the state is still quite good.

Analysis of this game: From a fundamental analysis, the gap between the two teams in this game is quite obvious. Although Huesca scored 3 goals in the last round, he faced The opponent is only a mid-range team and in a sluggish state. In addition, there is still no victory this season, which is very weak. Alaves has been very good in the near future. He has won 6 undefeated results in consecutive defeats of strong enemies, and he has an overwhelming advantage in the confrontation. This campaign may wish to boldly support Huesca to defeat his opponent Tim to win the first victory.

Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid match time: 12-13 04:00

Real Madrid's recent situation: Real Madrid in the middle of the week needed a win to qualify for Borussia, and finally relied on Benzema's score to defeat the opponent 2-0 to qualify for the qualifying. As the winner of multiple Champions League champions, this season has been very difficult to qualify with insufficient bench depth. The good news is that the return of captain Ramos was ushered in the last round, but the offensive end is still too dependent on Benzema to go further. . The overall performance this season has been quite ups and downs. Previously, they lost to Alaves and Cadiz at home respectively. This battle will face the top Atletico Madrid. So the pressure is quite large.

Recent Atletico Madrid: Atletico Madrid’s slowing down this season has been quite successful. At present, various competitions Continued unbeaten results in 11 games. Although the winning percentage in the Champions League is not high and only qualifying in the final round, the offensive and defensive ends are also quite stable. Even more positive is that Suarez, the main striker who was injured before, has returned to the starting lineup, and many of the main players in the last round have also been given the opportunity to rest. The challenge to Real Madrid in this campaign is not at a disadvantage.

Analysis of the match: Judging from the overall performance of the two teams this season, it is clear that Atletico Madrid played more stable. Although Real Madrid is still led by Qi Zu this season, it is Limited to not many talents available, resulting in greater ups and downs in the state of this season. This battle might as well support Atletico Madrid's continued undefeated momentum.

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