1/3 scouts La Liga recommendation: Sevilla may be overheated at home, perhaps Bilba grabs points?

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Live match: La Liga 04:00 Sevilla VS Athletic Bilbao

Match time: 2020/1/4 04:00

Venue: Pease Hu Anqiu

Real-time weather: occasionally cloud temperature: 7℃~8℃


After a short break, Sevilla’s main winger Nolito (2 goals in 11 games) has not returned to the training ground. He is the only one in the team. Of the wounded. Rotating forward Javier Hernandez (1 goal in 9 games) and rotating left-back Escudero also missed the last round of the league. However, the former is expected to return in this field, while the latter is likely to transfer to other teams in the near future.

Athletic Bilbao:

Veteran forward Aduris (1 goal in 10 games), the main winger Muniain (4 goals in 13 games) appeared in the first training session of the new year. The latter even stated at the press conference that this field will come back. Wide rotation player De Marcos continues to be absent due to injury. The main right back Kapa (1 goal and 4 assists in 17 games) is undoubtedly a big plus for the team.

This field is undoubtedly a strong dialogue. The two teams are currently ranked third and seventh respectively, with the home team leading by 6 points. In terms of status, Sevilla has 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the past five games, while Biba has not won three consecutive rounds. In the past, Sevilla was completely dominant and has won 5 consecutive home games. At the beginning, the main concession was -0.75 full profit. Although the concession was reasonable, the matching data was very unsatisfactory. In the past, the matchups were basically -0.75, and last season it gave a -1 data. After receiving the volume, it was obviously heated and lowered the data, and it has already reached the low position. Such performance will undoubtedly intensify the heat of the strong team. European data mainly wins cohesion, but flat data obviously suppresses prevention.

Data suggestion: Athletic Bilbao +0.75

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