Focus on La Liga! Seville face the newly promoted, can Cadiz continue its undefeated record?

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La Liga: Sevilla VS Cadiz

Evening on January 23, 2021 Beijing time At 23:15, in the 20th round of La Liga, Sevilla will play against newly promoted Marcadis at home.

Sevilla has performed steadily this season. In the absence of one round, the team achieved 10 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses, ranking 5th in the La Liga standings with 33 points. , The team is currently only 3 points away from Real Madrid, which ranks second in the league. It can be seen that Sevilla is still in the top group of the standings. From the data point of view, the team scored 23 goals in the 18th round of the league and conceded 16 goals. It can be seen that the team’s offensive ability is declining, while the defensive ability is still good. Currently, the number of goals conceded is ranked third in the league. Second to the top two Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

Sevilla played away against Alaves in the last round of the league. The team has the advantage on the scene and has the ball The rate reached 63%, and the number of shots against the opponent was only 7 times. However, with the goals of Ennisiri and Suso, the team finally defeated 2-1 and ended the 2 games without victory. The decline. Sevilla's current lineup is relatively complete, only Oscar and Carlos are injured.

Cadiz is the newly promoted horse this season. After the team has been promoted to La Liga, the overall performance is good. It is the best performance of the 3 newly promoted polo teams. After 19 league rounds, the team achieved 6 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses, ranking 9th in the La Liga standings with 24 points, in the middle of the league. If the development continues according to the current situation, although the chance of impacting the European theater is not great, there is basically no worries about relegation. It is worth noting that Cadiz's ability to fight off-site is good, and is currently ranked 6th in the league away.

Cadiz has recently picked up on the league side. It has remained unbeaten in the past 4 league games. At home against Levante in the league round, although the scene is at a disadvantage, the possession rate is only 30%, but the attacking ability is not worse than the opponent. The number of shots is the same as the opponent, reaching 8 times. Perea only started 3 times. Minutes contributed to the team, but was quickly reversed by the opponent, and then Carla's goal equalized the score. In the end, the two sides shook hands 2-2 and the team continued the previous undefeated situation.

The two teams have met 7 times in the past. Sevilla has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. , The track record has the advantage. In terms of recent developments, Sevilla returned to victory in the last round, defeating opponents and returning to victory. The current lineup is relatively complete, while Cadiz is in good shape at the league end and has been undefeated in 4 league games. Judging from the current attitudes of all parties, it is still very afraid of Sevilla's strength. In this battle, I personally think that Sevilla has a higher probability of taking all 3 points. After all, the strength is one grade higher than Cadiz.


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