The original state is sluggish, the king of the Europa League has 4 consecutive draws, and the UEFA Champions League qualification is almost lost

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Original title: The state is sluggish, the King of the Europa League has 4 consecutive draws, and the Champions League qualification is almost lost.

In the early morning of June 27th, Beijing time, the 32nd round of the La Liga first match, Serbia Villa ushered in the challenge of Valladolid at home, the final 90 minutes of the match, the two teams drew 1-1. For Sevilla, who played at home, the team was unable to win their opponents at home. I have to say that it is very regrettable. After this game, Sevilla has been tied for four consecutive times, and the fourth position is at stake.

Against Valladolid, Sevilla conceded the first goal in the 25th minute at home. This is really After eating a sap, the team trailed 0-1 in the half and tied the score in the 55th minute of the second half. The 1-1 score also continued to the end. The two sides shook hands and each took a point.

For Valladolid, getting a point from Sevilla’s home game is completely acceptable, but for Sevilla, this point is like swallowing a fly, you know This is the team’s four consecutive draws. Previously, they had 1-1 Levante, 0-0 Barcelona, ​​2-2 Villarreal, and now 1-1 Valladolid, except for Barcelona. Accepted, the other three games are tantamount to an upset.

Since the La Liga quarter-finals, Sevilla has 1 win and 4 draws in 5 games. The team has been from the third The position is directly to the fourth position, and 1 point behind Atletico, the opponent won by 4 points in this round. Not to mention competing for the youngest, even the top four positions are at stake. Getafe, Huang Qian, and the Royal Club behind them see the opportunity to compete for the Champions League qualification.

In this round of league, if Getafe and Villarreal win, then Getafe will 2 points behind, Huang Qian behind 3 points, which means that Sevilla's dream of qualifying for the Champions League will encounter great resistance. Many teams will be chased and intercepted. If Sevilla makes a mistake, it will be overtaken.

Sevilla has performed very well this season, but the performance since the quarter-finals has really fallen off the cliff , The preparation of the entire team during the suspension period seems to be not very good. It was also exposed before that the illegal gathering of players happened. From this point of view, this Europa League king, I am afraid that it really wants to play the Europa League. Return to Sohu to see more

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