Impact even red! Heavy hammer list: Sevilla VS Barcelona More recommended plus WeChat to get it! _ Quiz

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Original title: Impact and red! Heavy hammer list: Sevilla VS Barcelona More recommended plus WeChat to get it!

Bundesliga: Seville VS Barcelona

Today is recommended by [Xiao Xiong Guess 】Push

Overall performance this month: Public push 16 red 14 , Privately pushed 10 red 9 yesterday

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La Liga 04:00 Seville-Barcelona

La Liga 01: 30 Mallorca-Leganes

La Liga 01:30 Granada-Villarea

Premier League 01:00 Norwich-Southampton

Pay close attention to the acquisition, the red list is in hand, I have the villa!

The number of winning streaks is endless. In major first-tier leagues, the red can be caught with one hand!

The red list is waiting for you, the discussion group, looking forward to your joining!

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