Renewing the red and blue love, Schalke lost two goals to end the trip to Seville _ match

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Both teams did not send all the main players to play due to the international game week and injury issues: Although such a lineup can drive the atmosphere of the audience, both sides do not want to take great risks. At first, Sevilla looked more like the dominant player in the game, but they did not try their best to beat Schalke 04.

The most touching moment has come: in the 16th minute, the referee suspended the game to commemorate Puerta, who wore the No. 16 jersey. His former teammate and captain Harvey Varone came to the sidelines to send flowers after the game was suspended. As a member of the Schalkeou team in 2006, Asamoah also stepped forward to send flowers.

Troichert is out of luck, Rock Mesa scores

The match In the 25th minute, Schalke got the first great opportunity. Ute passed the ball to Toichette, who volleyed vigorously, but it was a pity that the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. At this time, it may be a better choice to give the ball to Rudy. His position was already vacant at that time and he had the opportunity to hit the empty goal directly.

Soon afterwards, Sevilla began to strengthen the attack. In the 31st minute, Amadou passed the ball ingeniously, Rose Mesa volleyed and scored, Sevilla led 1:0. Soon thereafter, Teuchette missed the opportunity to tie the score. Ritter made a cross, but Toichette failed to touch the ball to equalize the score. And Ute also lacked a bit of luck: because he was offside first, he wasted a wonderful opportunity Rudy created for him. Then Seville threatened our door again. In stoppage time in the first half, Amadou almost hit our gate with a long shot.

The new star coming off the bench for Royal Blue

In the fourth minute after the start of the second half, Ichert once again missed the opportunity to rewrite the score, but his close shot failed to penetrate the opponent's substitute goalkeeper's ten fingers. After that, Royal Blue still worked hard and made substitution adjustments: During the intermission, Stevens replaced Langel and Skozhibski with U19 and U23 teenagers. U23 teenager Nasim Pozeleb started the game. After missing a few games due to a groin injury, Mascarel returned from injury in this game.

In the 71st minute, Sevilla took the lead again. After Jonas Karls received a penalty, Mulney Haddadi scored a penalty. Since then, Royal Blue tried hard to rewrite the score, but unfortunately, their efforts failed to translate into results.

The history of the Puerta Cup

No. A Puerta commemorative match on August 23, 2008. Sevilla defeated Málaga 2-0 in that game, which was Puerta's opponent in his first team debut.

Except for 2015 and 2018, Sevilla will invite one for every season thereafter The team co-hosted a game to commemorate Puerta. In addition to the seven Spanish clubs: Malaga, Jerez, Granada, Real Espanyol, Real Deportivo, Almeria and CorunnaCordova, Argentina’s Boca Juniors and Italy’s Roma have been guests of Andalusians.

In nine games, Sevilla has won most of the victories. Only in 2010, 2:4 in the penalty shootout, lost to Granada, and in 2016 3:4 to Boca Juniors.

The memorial match score list

2008 Seville – Málaga 2:0

2009 Seville – Jerez 2:1

2010 Seville – Granada 2:4 ( Penalty shootout)

2011 Seville – Real Spaniard 5:0

2012 Seville – Real Deportivo 2:0


2013 Seville – Almeria 4:2 (penalty kick)

2014 Seville – Córdoba 2:0

2016 Sevilla – Boca Juniors 3:4

2017 Sevilla – Roma Sport 2:1

The players of the two teams stand together

At this moment, we are all friends

To commemorate Puerta gets together

May friendship last forever

The successful opening of Schalke 04 Shanghai Office

Wir Leben Dich

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