[Daily ball] 11th betting trend: La Liga restart, Sevilla derby bayonet sees red _ away

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Original title: [Ball every day] 11th betting trend: La Liga restarts the Sevilla derby bayonet sees red

June 11, 2020 Beijing time There are only 3 games on the Sunday and Thursday betting schedule. La Liga has been suspended for more than 3 months and restarted. The first game will be the Sevilla Derby. The home team Sevilla has actually not as good as the away record at home this season. However, their city rivals have been infected with away insects. We are optimistic about the former. Take a three-pointer; the Portuguese Super League relegation battle, the home worm Tundra against the away worm Avis, the latter's league bottom is basically gone. Today’s sports lottery trend brings the following two game previews:

Thursday 002 La Liga Sevilla vs. Betis

This Sevilla derby is the first match of La Liga's restart after more than three months of suspension due to the epidemic. Sevilla was unbeaten in 4 consecutive rounds of La Liga before the lockout. The home record was 6 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses. The 19:13 performance was actually slightly inferior to the away game. The two losses were lost to Villarreal and Real Madrid. Brazilian midfielder Fernando returned from injury during the suspension of the league. Due to the suspension of Goodley on the back midfielder, the former may return to the starting line. The main striker Ocampos (22 rounds, 10 goals and 2 assists) has minor injuries. Appearance must be confirmed on the spot. Not long ago, the four players Banega, Frank Vazquez, Ocampos and Luc De Jong held a gathering in violation of the epidemic control regulations, but they were not officially punished.

Sevilla's away record this season has greatly improved, but their city rivals Real Betis was infected with the away bug. 13 La Liga away games, 1 win, 6 draws and 6 losses, scored 11:22 goals, averaged less than 1 goal per game and conceded close to 2 goals per game, and only defeated newly promoted Mallorca as an away game. During the epidemic, the team's wounded Juanmi and Canales have basically recovered from their injuries. The latter has a greater chance of starting. The young striker Loren renewed his contract to 2024 last week. After Spaniard coach Ruby took over this season, the team's record has declined significantly, especially the ball-handling madness of Setien's period has gone forever. 39-year-old veteran Joaquin (8 goals and 2 assists in 26 rounds) is currently the team's absolute main force and the team's second shooter.

Comparison of the average data of the two teams in the 27 rounds of La Liga: shots 13:12, ball possession rate 56%: 53%, pass success rate 81%: 83%, Sevilla shoots With a slight advantage in possession of the ball, the Asian index opened with a half-one handicap, and adjusted to the half-ball after receiving bets. Bloggers are recommended to win for betting on betting.

Thursday 003 Portuguese Super Tongdela vs Avis

Tundra Portuguese Super League restarted the first round and drew Benfica 0-0 in the away game, and did not even pay a yellow card. The ball possession rate of 43% to 57% is not bad, and the team continues this season. The trend of away strong and weak, 12 Portuguese Super League 1 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses at home with 7:15 goals, the home record of the league bottom. However, relying on a good away game, they are currently 6 points above the relegation zone and are temporarily safe. Forward Denilson (3 goals and 1 assist in 12 rounds) is currently the team's top scorer, showing the weak degree of the team's offensive power.

However, the visiting opponent in this game has changed. The bottom of the league, Avis has been behind the safety zone by as many as 12 points, and the basic situation is gone. 12 Portuguese Premier League away games, 1 win, 1 draw and 10 losses, scored 12:28, only got a poor 4 points, the most defensive goals conceded in the league. The midfielder Delgado, loaned from Shandong Luneng, got the first chance to start after joining last round, but was replaced after halftime. Midfielder Luis Fernando and striker Ruben Macedo, who were suspended in the last round, came back from the suspension.The new crown virus is still in isolation; the main goalkeeper Bernaldo (the player with the most minutes of the team) and the team's top scorer, Wellington Junior, both terminated their contract with the team during the epidemic.

Comparison of the average statistics of the two teams in the 25th round of the Portuguese Super League: shots 9:10, ball possession rate 47%: 44%, pass success rate 74%: 67%, Tongdela pass The control data is dominant. The Asian index opened the main hand to half the ball at the beginning, and adjusted the main hand to half one after receiving the bet. It is recommended that the main win be bold for the betting on the lottery.

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