Focus on the Copa del Rey|Barcelona vs. Sevilla, Barcelona strive to win _ league

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Original title: Focus on the Copa del Rey|Barcelona vs. Sevilla and Barcelona strive to win

Today, the editor brings you a Copa del Rey match : Barcelona vs Sevilla



At 04:00 on March 4, 2021 Beijing time, Barcelona played against Sevilla. Barcelona beat Sevilla 2-0 in the last round of the league. The league status is still good, and Sevilla recently Lost Barcelona in the league, but the previous cup was leading 2-0. The cup is now taking the lead. In this dialogue, who can win this game?

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Yesterday’s privately pushed French B’s goal number to win, and I suggest 4 consecutive victories on the spot. The number of privately promoted goals is 5 consecutive victories + 10 wins and 9, the number of goals is outstanding and it is worth paying attention to! The last time Lienby was advertised, he also won 4-1 and won the victory! The top ten status since entering, welcome friends to pay more attention!


The team’s recent state of improvement

Barcelona's current league results are in the second position. The team has insufficient stability this season. The previous Champions League defeated Paris 1-4. However, there has been a certain trend of recovery recently. The team has zero opponents in two consecutive league games. . The team played against Sevilla in the league. The team played well as away. The last game was a chance. Dembele scored 29 minutes in the first half, and Messi scored another goal at the end of the second half to 2-0. Overcome the opponent with outstanding results. Currently this season's league matches have 16 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses, accumulating 53 points.


Leading opponents 2-0 in the last cup span>

As a strong La Liga team, Sevilla's recent performance is a bit poor. In the Champions League, they lost 2-3 to Dortmund. The team's defensive performance is not good, the league has just lost Barcelona, the offensive and defensive rhythm is not ideal. The team’s advantage this time is that in the Cup match against Barcelona, the team has led the opponent 2-0. This game should do its best to defend itself and counterattack before it can compete in the cup. Revenge. At present, the league has scored 48 points this season, fourth in the league.

According to the data analysis provided by the Victory Scorenet, the initial data of this game gives the data of Barcelona's goal, and then leans towards Barcelona. Overall, Barcelona's recent league results There is a tendency to pick up, mainly two goals behind the opponents. The pressure of scoring this time is even greater. At least two goals must be won to have a chance to advance. This time the data is strong enough, and Sevilla just lost to the opponent in the league. There is a certain psychological disadvantage. In such a data situation,It gives Barcelona more room to run. It can be seen that Barcelona can at least win the second round.

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