[Battle Report] Sevilla beats Leicester City at home

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Original title: [Battle Report] Sevilla beat Leicester City at home

After Saravia and Correa scored a goal each, Vardy's subsequent goal gave Leicester City a new hope. Correa was blocked on a penalty shortly after the start of the game. The La Liga team with home-court advantage in the whole game has a firm grasp of the initiative in the face of the defending Premier League champions.

Sevilla’s goal is to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time since the 1957/58 season. They also quickly mastered the initiative and even had a chance in the 14th minute. Taking the lead, Joaquin Correa was tackled in the penalty area by Morgan to win a penalty, but today, the penalty kick kicked by Correa, who ushered in his first Champions League starter, was taken by Schmeichel from the right.

Even so, the Sevilla team continued to exert pressure on the visiting team goalkeeper, and Escudero's left-footed volley in front of the penalty area once again tested Schmeichel. But in the 25th minute, the Leicester City goalkeeper finally had nothing to do. Escudero crossed from the left and Saravia headed the goal.

Then Sevilla's offensive continued wave after wave, and Schmeichel shot out threatening shots from Jovic and Correa. Before the end of the first half, Leicester City didn't have anything at all. A chance to breathe. In the second half, Nasri passed the ball to Vitolo, who slid past the goal from a small angle, facing the empty goal but no teammates outflanked it.

The constant threat finally waited for the second goal just after one hour of the game. Jovich stopped the ball in the penalty area and passed the ball from the outside instep, and Correa followed. The right foot pushed through Schmeichel's ten fingers, and the ball hit the bottom edge of the crossbar and bounced into the net.

Sevilla continued to dominate, but they conceded a goal with 17 minutes left before the end of the game. Drinkwater crossed the ball from the left and outflanked the goal in front of Vardy in the center. England's native striker scored his own Champions League goal and Leicester City returned to the competition. Although Sevilla's Lamy header hit the crossbar in the final stage to get out of the baseline, it also made the second round more interesting.

Key player: Nzonzi (Sevilla)

Being able to find time in the chaos of movement and noise is one thing Art. En Zongqi has the confidence to do this. He also has this kind of balance and vision. It seems that he can make time stand still. This ability was particularly obvious when Sevilla controlled the game in the first half. Leicester City fans still remember Nzonzi’s performance when he played for Stoke City, but in Sevilla he has improved by one. At the level, you can always choose the most accurate pass, you can always pass the ball at the right speed, and have a good cooperation with Nasri. He is enjoying his best season, and being elected MVP twice in the group stage is the best proof. Tonight he is the most influential player in the Sevilla team.

Sampaoli’s unexpected layout paid off

Given the performance of this game, it seems out of place that the coach can’t win the best on the spot. Due to the suspension, Sampaoli couldn't even command from the sidelines. But he influences the game in his own way. He is the kind of coach who is prepared carefully before choosing tactics and lineup, and this time his efforts have been a huge success. Before the game, from the analysis of fans, the media and former players, no one could guess that Saravia and novices like Correa could start, but in fact both of them are in the starting lineup. The important thing is that people like Ivora and Vazquez were sitting on the bench at the beginning.

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The result? Correa won a penalty for the team early, Saravia used a header to help the team lead 1-0, Correa scored the second goal for the team in the second half.

Schmeichel Jean LesThere is still hope in the city

Schmeichel started his Champions League career with four consecutive zero sheets. Because of injury, he missed the last two games of the Champions League group stage, so he can still come here with a perfect personal record, but the record was broken in just 25 minutes. But he had saved Correa's penalty earlier. In fact, without the Danish's outstanding performance, Leicester City may have to fall behind by two or three goals before halftime. In this game, Schmeichel played very dominant and leadership, just as he treated his teammates on the sidelines at the end of the half.

Reporter’s View

Graham Hunt

The Champions League for Seville It is a new field. They have always had outstanding performances in the UEFA Cup / UEFA Cup competitions, but the UEFA Champions League has its own characteristics: the gathering of elites, there is no room for mistakes. The Sevilla team played very well at home. They were calm, rhythmic, creative, bold and characteristic, able to create opportunities, but they failed to get the big victory they deserved. This may be related to experience, and then the outstanding performance of Schmeichel. So not only Leicester City still retains the hope of promotion, Seville will also travel to England with tension. If you feel this way, you will think that Schmeichel’s father often caused trouble for his opponents. . The feeling is: "How do we beat this guy? What will the second round of the game look like, what kind of game will it be."

Simon Hart


Before Christmas, what we saw was a Leicester City that performed well in the Champions League but not so well in the Premier League. When the team lacks real cohesion, the Fox City, which has an eye-catching performance in the group stage, can hardly get rid of the shadow of struggling in the domestic league in the first half. However, their performance in the second half of the game has improved, thanks to Gray's substitute appearance, Vardy's personal first goal in nearly 10 games, giving them hope of a comeback in the second round. They must be very happy that the game can return to balance.

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