Focus on the Champions League! Krasnodar has aggressive tactics, Sevilla’s main defender gets red and suspended

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UEFA Champions League: Krasnodar VS Sevilla

November 25, 2020 Beijing time At 1:55, in Group E of the Champions League group stage, the Russian Super League team Krasnodar will face La Liga powerhouse Sevilla at home.

Krasnodar's overall performance this season has declined severely. He is currently ranked 9th in the Russian Premier League and has slipped out of the European theater. Krasnodar's performance is not ideal. Since the Champions League and the league have been fighting in two lines, the team's performance has begun to decline. Since the Champions League group stage 1-1 draw with Rennes, the team has scored 1 wins and 5 in the past 6 games. The negative results show the overall downturn of the team. In the UEFA Champions League group stage, Krasnodar scored 1 point with Rennes, but due to goal difference, they could only be ranked at the bottom of the group.

Krasnodar played against Tambov Sparta at home in the last round of the league, and the team has the advantage on the scene , The possession rate was 66%, the number of shots reached 19 times, which was more than three times that of the opponent. In the end, with Cabella's goal in the first half, he finally defeated the opponent 1-0 and also ended the team 5. An embarrassing record of losing streak. It is worth noting that although the team's tactical execution is good, the overall play is more aggressive, and against Chelsea and Sevilla, the number of goals conceded is a bit too high.

Sevilla’s performance this season has jumped a bit, and the league results have also declined. The team is currently With 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, he ranks 7th in the league standings, and Seville has recently recovered. At present, it has achieved 3 consecutive victories in all competitions. In the Champions League, Sevilla currently has 7 points with the top Chelsea, both of which are 2 wins and 1 tie. Judging from the current Group E points situation, Sevilla will basically qualify for the group as long as there is no major accident. Not a problem, so the team's fighting spirit is still expected.

Sevilla played against Celta in the last round of the league. The team has a certain advantage on the field. De's goal was the first to score for the team, but was reversed by the opponent in the first half. Fortunately, the team's striker played bravely afterwards. With the goals of Ennisiri, Escudero, and Munir, once again Reversing the score, finally defeated the opponent 4-2, but also harvested 3 consecutive victories. In the last round of the Champions League group stage, the team faced its opponent Krasnodar on the home scene. When the opponent led by 2 goals and the defender Navas was red, with the team's forward 3 goals in a row, the team finally won. Defeated the opponent 3-2. But it is worth noting that defender Navas will be suspended for this game due to a red card.

The two teams have played against each other 3 times. Krasnodar has 1 win and 2 losses and is at a disadvantage. In terms of recent developments, Krasnodar's state is not stable. Although it won the last round of the league, according to the current points, the team can only work hard to get a place in the Europa League, while Sevilla is in a hot state. With 3 consecutive victories and the first chance to qualify for the group, the team's fighting spirit is acceptable. Judging from the current attitudes of all parties, this battle still gives Seville a certain amount of support, so I personally think that it is relatively safe to be cautious and optimistic about Seville taking all 3 points.


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