Japan's overseas corps downshift-from the top European league champion level to the second-rate level

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The re-assembly of the Japanese national team exposed this top Asian team and the lineup began Significantly shrunk.

In the past, the Premier League derby has been difficult to reproduce. The meeting between Yoshida Asaya and Okazaki Shinji will not happen again. As an old Japanese defender, Yoshida Asaya can still hold on, and Okazaki Shinji as an old forward He has joined Málaga in the Second Division and was terminated by the club a month later.

Yoshida Ma was also Van Dijk’s old partner, although Southampton’s defense is nothing to commendable.

Okazaki Shinji's most peak performance was his victory in the Champions League quarter-finals in Leicester City.

Don Anlu as the frontcourt to join Eindhoven Players, have the taste of filling the gap of the Dutch players studying abroad. In the past, there was a precedent for Park Ji-sung to jump from the Eredivisie to the Premier League. After that, this shortcut has almost disappeared.

Eindhoven has been more like a foil team in Europe for many seasons.

And La Liga’s Tinder is more like Kubo Kenei, this Just a few days after joining Real Madrid, he was "exiled" to Castilla and then loaned to Mallorca's operation, which made "Japanese Messi" only popular for a few months.

As a newly promoted La Liga, Mallorca is unlikely to make a big difference, and Kubo Jianying is more like a leveling role.

As a player studying abroad in Portugal, Shoya Nakajima showed his face Obviously there will be more opportunities. First, the competitiveness of the Portuguese Super League is relatively weak, and the second is joining Porto.

Today, Porto is no longer a super club with Hulk, Ronaldo and Falcao, but a second-tier team that can be beaten out of the Champions League knockout.

In such a second-tier team, it is obviously not easy to climb up.

A striker trained for many years in Austria, Takumi Minano was once an Asian striker. The main force that competed with Wei Shihao in the youth competition is now far beyond what Wei Shihao can compare.

But Nanye's upper limit has also been doomed, roughly in the European Union, barely reaching the Champions League level. As a club that immediately changed hands to earn the difference after training, Salzburg did not have the willingness and capital to engage in high-intensity competition in Europe.

In contrast, Shinji Kagawa once played in Dortmund as the main player to compete for the league championship, Shinji Okazaki played with the team in Leicester City in the Champions League, Keisuke Honda can stand firm in AC Milan for many seasons Today's Japanese players have retired to the small country league, or the middle and low grades of the big country league, and can no longer compete for hegemony in the top position.


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