The full list of the top 32 of the Champions League: Zenit enters first gear! 4 teams each from England, West Germany and Italy

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Original title: The full list of the top 32 of the Champions League: Zenit enters the first stage! England, West, Germany and Italy each have 4 teams

With the last three Champions League games in the early hours of this morning At the end of the play-offs, the list of the top 32 in the Champions League group stage this season was also released. Ajax, Slavia Prague and Bruges became the last three teams to get tickets to the group stage.

In terms of scoring, the defending champions of the five major leagues are all placed in the first tier. Champions League defending champion Liverpool and Europa League defending champion Chelsea also appeared in the first class. The last place in the first team belongs to the Russian Super League champion Zenit St. Petersburg.

In the second-tier teams, there are many strong teams. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, the rivals in the same city, were all placed in second gear. Last season's Champions League runner-up Tottenham and Champions League semi-final team Ajax also appeared in second gear. Portuguese Super Champion Benfica, Bundesliga runner-up Dortmund and Serie A runner-up Naples are also in the second grade.

Among the third-tier teams, Inter Milan is obviously the most famous, and Lyon, Leverkusen, and Valencia also come from the five major leagues. Among the fourth-tier teams, Atlanta, Leipzig Red Bull and Lille are the only three major five league teams.

The top 32 of the Champions League

The first game: Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris, Zenit

Second gear: Ajax, Atletico Madrid, Benfica, Dortmund, Naples, Real Madrid, Miners, Tottenham

Third gear: Leverkusen, Bruges, Sag Le Bou Dinamo, Inter Milan, Lyon, Olympiacos, Red Bull Salzburg, Valencia

Fourth gear: Atlanta, Lokomotiv, Red Star Belgrade, Genk, Galatasaray, Leipzig Red Bull, Slavia Prague, Lille

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