Four teams have 30 Champions League titles. Can the death team die more?

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At 0:00 on August 27th, Beijing time, the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League group match draw ceremony will be officially held. With the end of the play-offs, all the top 32 teams in the Champions League have been released. The specific team divisions are:

[First gear] Chelsea, Villarreal, Madrid Atletico, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Lille, Portuguese Sports

[second gear] Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool , Seville, Dortmund

[Third gear] Porto, Ajax, Shakhtar Donetsk, Leipzig, Salzburg Red Bull, Benfica, Atlanta , Zenit

[Fourth gear] Besiktas, Dynamo Kyiv, Bruges, Young Bernese, AC Milan, Malmo, Wall Fortress, Sharif

In the face of the determined team division situation, this year’s UEFA Champions League group draw may have more unexpected things, maybe there will be four goals The team adds up to a super death group of 30 Champions League champions...

The crazy rhythm of the football schedule in the new season will make People didn't notice before many wars started.

Chelsea have to spare some time in December to play the Club World Cup in Japan; Liverpool will be one of the clubs that will lose many stars in the African Cup in January next year. The Confederations Cup this summer has been cancelled. , Replaced by the expanded club World Cup and Arab Cup.

Watford’s head coach is Sisko Muñoz, and Albrighton is only 31 years old.

The above are all things that have slipped out of our brains. Only when everything is quiet, we make a cup of tea, and calmly review, they return to our field of vision.

There is one more thing that has only recently been noticed: this season’s UEFA Champions League group stage draw, due to the emergence of the most unique since the 2017/18 season (that season there were 5 teams in the Premier League) Permutations and combinations are possible, and at least one "death group" will eventually be produced.

Next, TA will take you to understand these situations...

Western, Italian, and French are all dark horses

Atletico Madrid breaks With Barcelona Real Madrid’s rotating monopoly in La Liga, Inter Milan interrupted Juventus’ 9th Serie A company, and Lille performed an almost unimaginable job in Ligue 1-overwhelming Paris Saint-Germain.

In the 2020/21 season, several under-optimized clubs overturned the defending champions in the domestic league and sent these Champions League favorites from the traditional first gear to the second gear.

Atletico Madrid won the La Liga, the Champions League team is more exciting (photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images)

La Liga is triggered The biggest adjustments of the two waves: Not only did Atletico have won the La Liga, they took away the first team of the UEFA Champions League that Real Madrid or Barcelona had been sitting for for many years, and Huang Qian defeated Manchester United in the UEFA Europa League final last season, which means that Emery’s team will also Take a place in the first gear.

Huang Qian was 7th in La Liga last season. If he did not win the Europa League final, he would have to play in the Europa League this season, and the first position of the Champions League would become Solskjaer’s team (in reality) , Huang Qian's victory over Manchester United means that the Spanish team must participate in the European Cup at the earliest in January next year).

This means that the second game of the Champions League this season will become the "loser league."

Of the 8 teams, 7 are ranked in the top 11 in UEFA club coefficient rankings this season, and the only absent Dortmund ranks 16th. Real Madrid is no longer the Real Madrid of Barcelona ten years ago. Inter Milan lost a lot this summer.A star player and a star coach.

Many teams that look forward to the quarter-finals will be grouped together, not to mention the complete death group, but also the "scary group".

How difficult will the draw this week be?

The rule of UEFA is that the group stage is different from the same country. Therefore, we may look at the Champions League champion Chelsea and the Premier League champion Manchester City (both in the first gear), which may be in the same group as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris, Sevilla or Dortmund; and Manchester United and Liverpool may enter the first gear. Teams from Atletico, Bayern, International, Lille, Portuguese or Huang Qian.

To be sure, this UEFA Champions League draw will allow a lot of strong dialogue to be played early.

Retransmission rules

The television protocol is another outstanding issue.

According to UEFA’s official website, for 2-4 teams that belong to the same member football association, "based on the needs of TV viewers" will be conducted for their matches on Tuesday and Wednesday. distribute.

This kind of allocation is UEFA in order to ensure that broadcasters will never have an embarrassing situation where the ratings of the game on Tuesday are hot, and there are few people on Wednesday. Once the team enters the group, it will be marked with a different color and placed separately.

Last season, Group A-D was marked in red, and Group E-H was marked in blue. Then, when a first-tier team enters a group, the other position of the same color cannot be its team of the same country, and its opponent team is moved to another color. Then there is another rule, which is to ensure that two teams from the same city do not play on the same night.

Do you understand what this means?

For example, last season, Bayern fell into Group A, which means that Dortmund can only appear in one of Group E to Group H (eventually in Group F); Real Madrid is in Group B, making Barcelona enter the blue zone , And was eventually drawn into Group G with the powerful enemy Juventus.

The UEFA Champions League team draw in Geneva, Switzerland last October (Photo: Harold Cunningham – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

If you noticed the last moments of last season's UEFA Champions League group stage draw, you may remember that Manchester United had one less option than expected when drawing the last opponent in the group stage. This is because Liverpool, as a first team, has to draw a "red" team in Group D, which means Manchester United can only be selected from teams in the blue zone.

The strange binning system and the decline of the Russian Super League

Porto, Ajax, RB Leipzig, Atlanta, and Zenit St. Petersburg will all be Determined to be firmly in the third gear. The remaining three third gear positions fall into the hands of Shakhtar Donetsk, Red Bull Salzburg and Benfica after the qualifying round.

After Besiktas and Dynamo Kyiv won the Turkish Super League and Uzbek Super League respectively last season, although they are temporarily in the third gear, as the qualification round progresses, other teams have qualified The number of places, and then surpassed the first two to enter the third gear.

The miners, Red Bull and Benfica have more European football connections than Besiktas and Dynamo Kyiv. Now that all three teams have cleared the game, Nabesiktas and Dynamo Kyiv have fallen to fourth gear.

Teams that have entered the group stage but are not in the third tier will join Bruges, AC Milan and Wolfsburg, as well as the other two qualifying teams, and are ranked fourth. files.

The low gear situation is affected by many factors, and we have not even considered the impact of the decline of the Russian team. As Sasha Gulyanov explained at the opening ceremony of the "Full Court Football Show", since the 2018 World Cup, the Russian league has been slowly and steadily regressing, partly because of the number of foreign players allowed to register. Changed.

The retreat of the Russian Super League is good news for the Portuguese Super League: the Portuguese Super League’s surpassing in the UEFA league ranking means that Portugal may have up to three teams participating in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

How does this affect the lottery?

As Benfica advances into the Champions League main game, he gets a third-level ranking, which means that he will be matched with the colors of Portuguese or Porto, and may be against other teams in the third or fourth gear. Constitute an impact. Those leagues with only one team-including Russia (Zenit), Belgium (Bruges), Ukraine (Dynamo Kyiv), the Netherlands (Ajax) and Turkey (Besiktas)- -Will find myself being guided to a more "flexible qualification".

In tonight’s draw, we can not only see the top teams competing to qualifyRight, you will also see that each group is hidden under the two-strong rule, and the third group enters the Europa League consolation prize battle.

This year’s Champions League group stage will start on September 14th and 15th, and end on December 7th and 8.

There will be some surprises.


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