The UEFA Champions League dead group predicts that Inter Milan’s third best team will become the background wall of giants

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The final three sets of the Champions League play-offs ended, and Ajax, Slavia Prague and Bruges successfully reached the main match. The complete list of the top 32 of the Champions League this season has been released. At 0:00 on August 30, the top 32 of the Champions League will be drawn. Each season is different, but there are many similarities. The death group has always been a fan of great concern. In the 19-20 season, the UEFA Champions League draw will also be dead. Teams in the first tier are very good, but in the group draw, they can only avoid teams in the same league. In the second tier, Real Madrid , Atletico Madrid, Tottenham, and Ajax are all first-tier strengths, while Inter Milan is the most powerful of the third-tier teams. Conte takes office in the new season, Lukaku joins, and Sanchez will soon be an official. It is announced that the team that draws Inter Milan will become the dead group. Among them, there will be a stronger group of deaths.

Barcelona, ​​Tottenham, Inter Milan, Leipzig Red Bull

Inter Milan and The Leipzig Red Bull in the fourth gear is the strongest team in the division. If Inter Milan and Leipzig are in a group, there will be a dead group. If Barcelona, ​​Tottenham and Inter Milan draw a group, they will repeat the draw results of last season, I believe UEFA will not do this.

Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Leipzig Red Bull

Manchester City is a big fan of the Champions League win , If you are divided into a group with Atletico, Inter Milan, and Leipzig, Manchester City should not have a big problem to qualify. The second qualifying place should be generated between Atletico and Inter. Simeone also has the strength to compete in the Champions League. . And Inter Milan and Leipzig may not be able to qualify.

Liverpool, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Leipzig Red Bull

Liverpool as the defending champion, in the Champions League The league performed well. If these four teams are divided into a group, Liverpool will avenge Real Madrid. Not surprisingly, the group will qualify first. The remaining three teams will compete for second place in the group. Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Leipzig Red Bull are all likely to advance.

Chelsea, Ajax, Lyon, Atlanta

The real death group is not a gathering of giants, but a close match. This group of Chelsea, Ajax, Lyon and Atlanta should be a dead group in the true sense. The current level of the four teams belongs to the same level. Anyone can qualify, and no one is sure to qualify.

Zenit, Benfica, Valencia, Leipzig Red Bull

The most lively death If the four teams are divided into one group, they will also become the focus of fans. If the above draws belong to the strongest death group, then these four teams belong to the weakest death group. , The encounter of the four teams in the Champions League will become a different landscape.


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