A look at the annual salary and coaching results of the leaders of the top five European leagues!

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Premier League leader Liverpool coach Klopp-annual salary of 18 million euros, German, coached Mainz, Dortmund, led the team to win Bundesliga championship, Premier League championship, The Champions League champion is one of the best coaches in football today.

La Liga leader Atletico coach Simone-an annual salary of 24 million euros, Argentine, Atletico godfather, became Atletico coach in December 2011, leading Atletico Madrid has achieved a renaissance, leading the team to win the La Liga championship, the Europa League championship, and the Champions League runner-up.

Bundesliga leader Bayern coach Flick-an annual salary of 8 million euros, German, once served as assistant coach, technical director, and Bayern assistant coach of the German national team, Last season led Bayern to complete the five championships.

Ligue 1 leader Lyon coach Rudy García-an annual salary of no more than 4 million euros, French, has coached Lille, Rome, Marseille Waiting for the team, led Lille to win the French League and Cup "double crowns", led Rome to win the Serie A runner-up, led Lyon into the Champions League semi-finals last season.

Serie A leader AC Milan coach Pioli-an annual salary of 2 million euros, Italian, has coached Lazio, Inter Milan, Fiorentina and other strong Serie A teams , So far has not led a team to win a top league championship, this season is the best opportunity.

Among the current five league leaders, Klopp, Simeone and Frick are the top coaches in world football today. Klopp’s Coaching results are the best.

Compared with other famous coaches, Pioli has the worst performance in coaching. He is the only one of the top five league leaders who has not led the team to win the top league championship.


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