The Times: Simeone will cut his salary by 30% and is no longer the world's highest annual salary coach

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Live it, March 29, according to the Times, in order to deal with the financial impact of the epidemic on the club, Atletico coach Simeone will be in the league A 30% pay cut during the lockout means that he will no longer be the world's highest-paid coach.

With the impact of the epidemic on the European economy, reducing spending has changed from negotiation to obligation, and major European clubs have also taken action. In Spain, the state of emergency will continue until April 12th, and Atletico Madrid is one of the clubs that keeps their income and expenditures balanced by lowering their employees' salaries. Simeone’s salary cut will begin after April 1.

Simeone’s current salary is 3.7 million euros a month, and his salary will be reduced by at least 30% during the suspension of professional football.

Atletico Madrid's players and coaches agreed to the club's decision to cut the salary, and Barcelona's decision to cut the salary is still under negotiation. German clubs such as Bayern, players and coaches also accept a 20% pay cut. In Serie A, Ronaldo agreed to a salary cut of 3.8 million euros, and his current annual salary is 31 million euros.

In Italy and Spain, as of Saturday, the number of people who have died from the new crown epidemic has been close to 15,000. Currently, we are optimistic that the league will resume in April. To cope with the impact of the epidemic, even big clubs need to maintain a balance between income and expenditure, and player salaries account for most of the expenditure.

Atletico Madrid Chairman Cerezo said in an article to the 130,000 members of the team: "I have faced such a special situation for the first time in my 18 years as chairman. Faced with uncertainty. The future. We must face the epidemic firmly and take responsibility, because the club’s vitality is already at risk."

Atletico Madrid is currently ranked sixth in La Liga. After the league resumes, it will face fighting. The dire situation for qualifying for the Champions League next season.

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