Can the top football player in the world become an excellent coach after he retires?

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Whether you can become a good coach has nothing to do with whether you are a top player or not even whether you are a professional player. There are many top players who fail to become coaches after retiring, and there are also many who are not well-known or even mentioned professional football and become famous coaches of the generation.

Representatives of successful coach transfers for top players: Zidane, Guardiola, Simeone, Conte, etc.

Zidane has played for giants such as Juventus and Real Madrid, and led the French team to the World Cup finals twice, won the World Cup and European Cup championships, won the Golden Globe twice, and was hailed as China Field master. Zidane, who retired after the 2006 World Cup, later became the head coach of Real Madrid's B team. The legendary Real Madrid star did not have a particularly good lead in Castilla. In January 2016, Zidane took over the coach of Real Madrid after Ancelotti’s get out of class. From then on, he began a legendary coaching career. From 2016 to 2018, he led his team to win the Champions League for three consecutive years. There is no record for the team to defend the title, and he has become a famous coach of the generation. This summer, Zidane, who resigned for the second time from Real Madrid, is now at home. Media reports stated that Manchester United had contacted the French but was rejected.

Guardiola and Zidane have similar experiences, but he became famous earlier than the latter. In the 2008 Barcelona general election, Laporta, who successfully became Barcelona's chairman, let Guardiola, who had only coaching experience in the youth team, succeed Rijkaard as the Barcelona coach. Pep Guardiola, who was once the main force of "Dream One", cleansed Ronaldinho, Deco and other stars after taking office, and established a team with Messi, Habeb and others as the core. Barcelona was a big success that year and won the "sixth crown." King". Guardiola became the Bayern Munich coach after leaving Barcelona. He led the team to extend the advantage of the Southern Star in the Bundesliga. Now Guardiola is the Manchester City coach and is working hard for Blue Moon's first Champions League trophy.

Simeone is a former Argentine international. He has played for Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and other giants. The 1998 World Cup in France It was Simeone who angered Beckham and caused the latter to be sent off by a red card. Simeone is now the head coach of Atlético Madrid. Under his iron-handed management, the Sheets Corps has become a force that cannot be ignored in world football. Last season, it also overpowered Real Madrid and Barcelona to win the La Liga championship.

Conte is a legendary Juventus star. He also changed his career to become a coach after retiring and became Juventus in 2011. The head coach of Serie A, he led the Bianconeri to win the first Serie A championship trophy and three consecutive Serie A titles after the "Phone Gate". In 2014, Conte became the coach of the Italian national team. In 2016, he led his team to the quarter-finals and lost to the German team on a penalty kick. In 2016, Conte became the manager of the Premier League Chelsea and won the Premier League title in the first season of the team. Last season, he led Inter Milan to win Serie A again after 11 years. Conte has just replaced Nuno as the coach of Tottenham.

Representatives of unsuccessful top coaches changing careers: Gary Neville, Henry, Pirlo

As the representative of Class 92 and the legendary captain of Manchester United, Gary Neville served as a guest commentator on Sky Sports after retiring and joined Hodgson's coaching team in 2012 as an assistant coach for the England national team. In December 2015, La Liga powerhouse Valencia announced that Neville will take over as the coach of the team. However, the legendary Manchester United who spoke well in the commentary suffered a major blow in the La Liga. In the 16 rounds of the league, Neville led his team to only 3 A victory, 14 points. And the team has been out of the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, even in the Copa del Rey.The semi-finals were washed by Barcelona with 7 balls. Gary Neville said after class that he would no longer be the head coach.

Henry is the first star and top scorer in Arsenal team history. He also became "Sky Sports" after retiring in 2014. The guest commentator. Since then, Henry has also served as Arsenal youth team coach, Belgium national team assistant, Montreal impact coach and other positions. In 2018, due to poor results, Monaco's meritorious coach Jardim dismissed get out of class and Henry became the head coach of the French Ligue 1 team. The Arsenal legend, who was trying to make achievements, suffered a major blow. 103 days after taking office, Monaco announced the suspension of Henry's head coach position, and then invited back to Jardim, Henry dismissed get out of class. In the 20 games that Henry coached, he scored 4 wins, 5 draws and 11 losses, scored 15 goals and lost 36 goals, and won only 2 of the 12 league games.

When Juventus announced in August that Pirlo will become the team’s new season head coach, world football was surprised , The Italian legend has just been appointed as the coach of the Bianconeri youth team a month ago. It is a great test to coach the first team to take over the coach of the Serie A giants for the first time. Sure enough, under the leadership of Pirlo last season, Juventus won the fourth place in the league in the final round and got a ticket to the Champions League. It is not appropriate to say that Pirlo's coaching results are poor. After all, he also led Juventus to win the Italian Super Cup and Coppa Italia, but he is still at home after class.

Successful coach representatives from non-professional players: Mourinho, Sarri

Actually, Mu Rinho played professional football, only in the Portuguese low-level league. He started playing in 1981 and retired in 1987. Since then Mourinho began his coaching and teaching assistant career, and once came to Barcelona as Robertson's translator and assistant. In 2004, Mourinho led Porto to defend the Portuguese Super League and won the Champions League into the public eye. Afterwards, Mourinho, who has entered the rich coaching team, has gone through Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Tottenham and other teams to become a world football team. The top coaches and traffic in the altar. There are too many legends surrounding Mourinho, Mourinho’s success has made him countless fans, and now the Portuguese madman coaches in Serie A Rome.

When he was young, Sarri was a bank employee and had no experience as a professional player. He didn’t quit the bank until 2000 Work became a full-time coach. In 2015, Sarri began coaching Naples and led the team to win the Serie A runner-up twice. In 2018, Sarri switched to the Premier League to become the Chelsea coach. In the 2018/19 season, Sarri led his team to an unbeaten record in the first 12 games and eventually won the Europa League. In 2019, Sarri left Chelsea to join Juventus to win the 2019/20 Serie A championship. Now Sarri is the coach of Lazio.

In addition, there are once played in professional leagues, unknown in the player era, but became a generation of famous coaches after switching to coaches. Ferguson, Wenger, Klopp and others are all outstanding representatives.

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