The first salary in football! Simeone agrees to renew his contract and will become the world's top-paid coach jqknews

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According to Italian journalist Schila, Simeone has agreed to renew his contract with Atletico until 2024. After the renewal, he will become the world's highest paid football coach.

After leading Atletico to win the second La Liga championship in team history, Simeone agreed to sit down and negotiate a contract extension with the club. Currently, his contract will expire in 2022, and Schila said the two parties have reached an agreement on a new contract that will last until 2024.

It is understood that after the renewal, Simeone will surpass Guardiola to become the highest paid head coach in world football.

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In the eyes of many European players and fans in the past, the Chinese Super League has always been difficult to distinguish. Whether it is the overall level of the league or the ability of the players, it is difficult to match Europe. However, as the domestic teams continued to burn money for signings in the past few years, the impression of the outside world has gradually changed. Many outstanding players also put down their bodies and went to the Super League. For a time, many European giants have to look for new aid in the Super League.

In the summer of 2017, in order to strengthen the midfield strength, La Liga giants Barcelona paid a cancellation fee of 40 million euros from Guangzhou Evergrande Poached Brazil international Paulinho. The transfer fee of 40 million euros has also created a record for the value of players transferred from the Super League, and no player has been able to break it so far. Perhaps they have tasted the sweetness of poaching from the Super League. This summer, Barcelona once again moved their minds on the Super League team, but this time the target changed from the players to the head coach.

Not long ago, Barcelona issued an official announcement. The former head coach of the Shenzhen team will officially join Barcelona on August 1 as a member of the management team. In the new season, he is likely to take the post of sports director, responsible for the team's transfer and signing and other operations.


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